City Ship Aincrad

Oh hey, what’s this? more Stargate/Homestuck crossover stuff? Yup, except also with added SAO for flavoring.




Glimpsing the Future


More Artwork for Stargate Alternia. Click for Full view.



Myst/Uru Fanart.

I drew a  thing. >_>

Concept Art – Mystryal Isles

Ah, yes, so, here’s some more mapwork concept art for Mystryal! Even just working these out has given me some insight on how I need to rewrite certain things… or atleast check and see if I didnt just have the image flipped in my head or something. XD

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More Mystryal Circle Concepts

Read on for more! 😀 As always, click on the pictures for the full view!
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Mystryal Circle Concepts

Mystryal is based to some degree on the Elder Scrolls lore. As such, there are those beings of celestial/demonic power levels… beings that can be summoned.

Take a look below to see some summoning circle concept art!

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