ARTWORK: Astray No Name


ARTWORK: Anonymous Crowdling Jacket


ARTWORK: Akita Reflects

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Artwork: Freeman: Get In Gear

Freeman Morph (render1)

SG:ALT The Great Big Web 3.0 Upd8


Niacdoial has been helping create a new version of the Great Big web of Everything for Stargate Alternia! Please give a big round of applause for all the work done! It’s a heck of a lot of coding to make it viable and I’m seriously impressed. This is in no way complete, I should note. There’s still quite a few missing group connections and the like and I really need to go through the whole story and make notes for updates for the next version at some point.

Just looking at this whole thing is pretty daunting to say the least. XD

There’s a reason I’ve been dreading doing an updated version by myself. I swear, the more condensed ones look like planetary continental maps rather than actual webs of connections. The family tree ones are much more linear and straight forwards, but… bluh.

Because while I’d like to share every version of this current draft that there is (I was provided with four versions of this 3.0 draft alone!), Rendering issues when uploaded to wordpress took a lot of the readability there out of it. So, today I’m only going to be posting two of the drafts here due to those visual rendering issues that came from re-uploading those PDFs onto my site. Until I can sort out how to make the spread out ones more readable in their upload, the condensed versions will do for now because these more condensed versions are highly more readable compared to what was happening with the spread out ones, even if there’s some minor text overlapping issues in some places. Seriously, none of the word bubbles were readable in the spread out version for whatever reason when I uploaded them, which kind of defeats the point! :/

But enough about me complaining about WordPress glitching things up, we’ve got the two condensed versions here for your observation and consideration today.

Version One – Compact Without Groups

Version Two – Compact With Groups

I’m seriously in awe of the work that’s gone into this, and once more, I’m sort of afraid of my own story for how complex it is. ._.;

ARTWORK World Commute Halloween

halloweenfargoamni (2)

ARTWORK: Book Gates