Arc 2 of Dimension Worm UP

Title says it all.

Arc 2: A Rusy Will is now up in full on AO3.

Dimension Worm, The (AO3 port)

The Dimension Worm

Miraculously, a fourth dimension between X, Y, And Z was discovered- Dimension W. On the world known as Earth Bet, small electromagnetic devices, known as Coils, draw power from this fourth dimension. Finally, Mankind has what it has always sought: UNLIMITED ENERGY! …But How does such a discovery affect their neighbor, Earth Aleph, when travel and trade between their two worlds is so heavily restricted?

There are those who are enraged, and those who scheme. There are those chess masters who play God above those few who are unaware they are pawns, believing themselves to be the masters of their own fate. And then, there are those cautious few who simply wish to survive day to day between the gnashing, meandering schemes of so many others.

This, then, would be the story of four seemingly unconnected groups of people, caught adrift in the tangled web cast by those who deceive.

First Arc is fully up on AO3, with some minor fixes from the Sufficient Velocity Draft Version.

Dimension Worm

What happens when Calum watches an Anime about A Collector hunting down illegal power sources named Coils and can’t help but think of a certain Superhero story- adding in a Dash of Power Rangers for good measure? He wrote a thing!

[DIMENSION WORM] (Sufficient Velocity Thread)

[Worm X Dimension W X Power Rangers Dino Charge]

I’ll probably crosspost to AO3 once I get a bit more written than the first arc, so for now, enjoy it on Sufficient Velocity!