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With the gutwrenching double punch of loosing two Video Hosting Websites in succession (ZippCast, then Vid.Me), and then facing the possibility that I might never be able to get back to filming entirely given some concerning computer issues I’ve had recently, I’ve been left with the dilemma of a choice.

Do I:

  • A: Leave Dovah’s Mind to fade away and never be finished?
  • B: Return to Youtube and all the frustrating politics there?
  • C: End the Video Series at Disk 2’s end, and finish the story off as a Text Based Story?

Now, I’ve come to the decision to lean heavily into the later category, considering the push of writing I’ve been doing over on AO3 for a bit of stress relief. (A Crossover story between Homestuck and Stargate, heh!)

I’m nearing the end of an Arc there, and I think, with some off and on alternating, I could probably pull off delivering the final story beats for Dovah’s Mind, and the other crossover elements with Callie’s story, and some of the ESO story fragments. Keep your eyes peeled for that, sometime soonish.

Meanwhile, what about MYSTRYAL?  Book 6 has about two more updates left in it before it wraps up, and at that point, I’m going to be sort of leaving the web-novel version hanging for a bit. As I finish off the Dovah’s Mind stuff, and get some other gears in alignment story wise, I’ll be finally getting those six novels rewritten for proper publishing.

IDK who even still follows this blog at this point, but if you’re still here and reading, then thanks for sticking around and being so patient.

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Earth’s Address.

The Swarmbringer


Behold, a picture representing the major elements of the Homestuck/Hiveswap crossover with Stargate and Obduction that I’ve been writing.

Upd8s on Things

Gosh has it been a busy couple of months! >_> Short post because things are taking time.

Mystryal Book 1 finished uploading two weeks ago, and Book 2 just posted its second batch of updates today. There have been a few site updates to the Mystryal Blog in the mean time as well! Check them out. More consistently, I’ll be updating my progress on Tumblr via the Mystryal Tag than I have been here. Sorry. Will try to stop that and post here more often!

Dovah’s Mind is in the process of reuploading to, we’re now starting into Disk 2 of that.


We Resume Reading Homestuck with John staring dramatically out the window at IMPS…. John pauses staring out the window and REPAIRS his Hammerkind Specibus, then resumes staring as IMPS PLAY ON THE RIDE.


>Calum: Proceed to waste several minutes on these shenanigans.

I proceed to waste several minutes on this game until Rose drops a Piano on the imps.
BOoo! I demanda refunnnndddd

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We resume reading Homestuck!

>Meanwhile, in the past again.

You’re almost done patching up the hole in your window with the GAFFER TAPE.

But it’s sort of hard to get any work done when people keep pestering you all day. You guess you better get that.

Patching up a hole in a window, Dave? And immediately after doing this you talk with Jade? Why Noo… I’m sure this isn’t foreshadowing at all. :P

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Some comments from the thread:

I’m really enjoying this and I don’t want you to stop, but I had to ask here: are you saying Rose and John are related? Because the Strilonde’s and the Harleyberts are two separate, unrelated families.

cookiefonster said:
Maybe it has to do with Hiveswap stuff?

My Response:
Partly to do with Hiveswap, yes, and also one of Hussie’s comments in one of the physical Homestuck books that inspired [THIS IMAGE] that I saw on Reddit a long while ago.

*If* in Hiveswap it turns out that Grandpa!Jake DID indeed adopt Mom!Roxy, this makes Rose and John cousins. If it turns out he was just mentoring her? Well, then it doesn’t really change anything as Homestuck stands and just makes for a cute theory/lens to look at things with.

Now, then… Back to the reread…

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