The Evermore Smithy (1stDraft)

There once was a Prestigious Smithy from Evermore,
He had an Apprentice, only one girl and no more.
And so to our Mother, a Child lamented, “I was denied apprenticeship,”
Not for lack of potential, The Smithy’s apprentice was just oh so lax,
So our Mother, Sweet Mother, sent her child by sea-fairing ship,
And they delivered upon the apprentice Sithis’ Deadliest Tax!
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Having fun with Intros…

Someone made a Star Wars Intro Generator, so, deciding to test it out, and see what it’s limits are, I tried to fit a summary for the first Mystryal Book into the same space as a Star Wars Intro Crawl. :33

I almost made it too long at first. There’s something funny about how it LOOKS like there’s more words there than there actually are. At best, you get 3 sentences for it and that’s it.

If you’re interested in my little summary thing, you can watch it [HERE] Warnings, though, it’s going to be loud. 😛

Concept Art – Mystryal Isles

Ah, yes, so, here’s some more mapwork concept art for Mystryal! Even just working these out has given me some insight on how I need to rewrite certain things… or atleast check and see if I didnt just have the image flipped in my head or something. XD

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Mystryal Pocket Guide Preview 9

Ah, well, I’ve been a bit lazy the last few days about posting things. Sorry about that.

That said, however, maybe I should have split things out a bit more evenly rather than once a day? *SHRUGS* I’ve basically hit a point where I don’t feel I can post anything else in preview without potentially spoiling things. So, without further adue, I’m closing Preview Month with an entry on:


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Pocket guide preview 8

Pardon for the delay, here’s another pocket guide snip.


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Mystryal Preview Snip 9

“Gotta love magic,” Detective Kana Mayoi mused before she took a sip of her early morning coffee. Her orange scaled wings were already flexing slightly as the familiar taste of the sleep-chasing liquid went down her throat. The dark blue uniforms that she and her partner wore spoke to everyone of their shared profession- members of the Mystryal Detective Agency.

Yes, Kana Mayoi was very much used to the odd hours that came from working cases such as these. The coffee was a familair friend- a friendly face in a constant sea of changing locals and suspects.

Mystryal Preview Snip 8

“Hey, you know as well as I do that the garlic sauce isn’t that good for you,” Obonz protested. “The marinara sauce is a lot better for you, and tastes better with the pizza too!”

“But you’re basically just dipping pizza into it’s own Sauce, Bonesy!” Yuki scolded him.

“Yeah! What’s the fun in that?” Ayako asked, nodding in agreement with her friend’s statement. Her aura practically radiated a jovial mood now, let alone the swishing of her tail and perked up ears that came from a change in mood.

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