“Blood on the Mind” – Artwork


More Stargate Alternia artwork.




The Thundering Wing arc is now finished.


FINALLY. I’ve broken through the writer’s block I’ve Had on this story since the last Update.

Here is the next Chapter for EXILED STORIES. (AO3 Link there. FF.N [Here.])

There are some things I’m not happy with in this chapter, but after making as much progress as I did, I decided holding back any more wasn’t worth it. It’s been over a year.

No. More.

I was recently poked about XWAU02, and I think that got the gears moving once more. It’s around 13,000 words, and I pretty much pumped it all out in one day. Today. As a matter of fact.

Wow. It’s just… It feels so good to get this much of what I’ve wanted to write out.


Chapter 88: X0VA-12: DXWvTTGL(01)

The Rewrite has officially ended. It’s been a wild ride, and we’ve finally gotten to the end…. again.

Credits again go to BlueIke over on Deviant Art for allowing me to use his Zone Ripple scene, and to KathAveara (also on DA!) for helping me with the Sky Blue Knights lyrics.

I’d thank whoever helped me out actually produce the song… but the song didn’t get made. At all. If something changes on that front, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

Chapter 87: X0VA-11: REWRITTEN

Chapter 87: X0VA-11: DXWvTTGL(02)

In the slums of time, where everything was fused together in an Endless Illusion… I’m sure we can fly…

Chapter 86: X0VA-10: REWRITTEN

Chapter 86: X0VA-10: DXWvSAO(01)

Only two more chapters to go.

Chapter 85: X0VA-9: REWRITTEN

Chapter 85: X0VA-9: DXWvXME(01)

[X0VA-9] An Angel’s Thesis.