Myst/Uru Fanart.

I drew a  thing. >_>


Upd8s on Things

Gosh has it been a busy couple of months! >_> Short post because things are taking time.

Mystryal Book 1 finished uploading two weeks ago, and Book 2 just posted its second batch of updates today. There have been a few site updates to the Mystryal Blog in the mean time as well! Check them out. More consistently, I’ll be updating my progress on Tumblr via the Mystryal Tag than I have been here. Sorry. Will try to stop that and post here more often!

Dovah’s Mind is in the process of reuploading to, we’re now starting into Disk 2 of that.



MYSTRYAL is a DETECTIVE SERIES set in a FANTASY WORLD similar to the ELDER SCROLLS or THE LORD OF THE RINGS. This is the WEB NOVEL version- put online with hopes to be picked up and published one day.

I’m tentatively rating it somewhere between TEEN and MATURE, TEEN-POINT 5? Is there an inbetween for that? *shrugs* Anyways, it’s primarily a MURDER MYSTERY series. If you’re okay with TV shows like BONES or CASTLE, you’ll probably be alright with this.

Updates will likely be once a week- with two chapters posted on Wednesdays- maybe more in a given week depending on how much progress I’ve made on other things.

If you’re interested in reading it, you can find it at

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll probably remember that this has been something I’ve been working on for a couple years now. I’ve decided I’m just going to put it online, and see if it gets interest built up. No sense sitting on it anymore.

OBDUCTION – Story Analysis/Review

WARNING. Review Contains Spoilers. Open at your own risk.

NOTE: This is a VERY LONG POST! You might wanna take breaks every now and then?

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The Evermore Smithy (1stDraft)

There once was a Prestigious Smithy from Evermore,
He had an Apprentice, only one girl and no more.
And so to our Mother, a Child lamented, “I was denied apprenticeship,”
Not for lack of potential, The Smithy’s apprentice was just oh so lax,
So our Mother, Sweet Mother, sent her child by sea-fairing ship,
And they delivered upon the apprentice Sithis’ Deadliest Tax!
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Let’s ReReadHomestuck Part…NINE

I forgot to xros post this back when I posted it to the thread. >_<; Sorry it’s taken so long.

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We Resume Reading Homestuck with John staring dramatically out the window at IMPS…. John pauses staring out the window and REPAIRS his Hammerkind Specibus, then resumes staring as IMPS PLAY ON THE RIDE.


>Calum: Proceed to waste several minutes on these shenanigans.

I proceed to waste several minutes on this game until Rose drops a Piano on the imps.
BOoo! I demanda refunnnndddd

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