Let’s ReReadHomestuck Part…NINE

I forgot to xros post this back when I posted it to the thread. >_<; Sorry it’s taken so long.

>John: Make your way up those stairs, posthaste.

John is as reluctant to climb these stairs as I’ve been to continue this… kidding. I just had no idea so many days had passed since the last time I’d written an entry for this. XP

Some giant hands start climbing after John. Oh Boy, whatever could this be? (Orge. It’s an orge.)

We cut to Dave’s search for the BETA. …I am steadfastly ignoring the pictures on the wall….. Damn it Dave’s Bro, why do people like you have to make things like puppets weirder and more inappropriate than they already are??

Knowing of the end result that Lil Cal is, this page is almost certainly foreshadowing on Hussie’s part. Li’l Cal is an oddity in the world from the first moment we see it, and this page of the “I WANT TO PLAY A GAME” insistence… It’s just more layers of foreshadowing, especially since Dave has a poster of THE FELT in his bedroom.

You think he knows that deep down you feel like you’re still not ironic enough to get stuff like this, and this is probably some weird gauntlet he’s throwing down to see if you will “GET IT”.

But honestly you think this material is just a little TOO ironic. You just don’t need to see this shit right now.

HUSSIE. At this point? He’s practically taunting us that we’ll ‘get it’ someday.





…Like, a computer built into the skull of our evil villain??? I know we have the whole “Reader Breakdown” flash to put everything together, but somehow this scene was left out??                             Why???


Oh. That’s why…

….Seriously, it’s like a CONGA of foreshadowing all up in here. This is {S}Collide foreshadowing, right??

Dave fills his Sylladex with dangerous stuff in preparation for a strife. Why Dave?

…He then sets his modus to DETECT COLLISIONS. Fuhhhhhhh Okay, yeah this probably isnt foreshadowing, but still.

Dave’s Bro flashstep’s Cal into place, and then SHRIEEEEEKKKK. It’s like Cal is already THERE. 0__0

…Which is a thing we’ve already known I mean come on he’s been here for the last couple of pages come on.

Also, the fact that Dave has to keep food in his closet is sad. I wonder what else he’s forced to keep in theeee…..r…..e…..Damn it, Hussie.

Lil’ Cal continues to be creepy. There’s no way Hussie ISN’T laying the groundwork for the Lord English Reveal here. Like the SBURB Genesis Frog Ending, I’d imagine that Lil’ Cal and Lord English are things he was setting up details of in his mind. Whether or not he knew this was going to REALLY screw Dave up or not… *Shrugs*

> Dave: Stuff down mr. purple guy into the garbage disposal.

C’mon, readers. You just know Hussie was waiting for someone to submit this command. I don’t know how much of a concept the Trolls were for Hussie at this point, but you know he probably chose the color of this particular Smuppet for a reason. Especially when he makes THIS page follow it with but an arrow.

you suffer an unfortunate GARBAGE DISPOSAL HEAD JAM.

… While we’ve not yet seen the end result of the HOUSE JUJU ATTACK, I’d imagine this is supposed to be foreshadowing the end result. The Villain is stuck in a Black Hole…. either that, or it’s more {S} Collide foreshadowing.

..Yeah, that’s probably foreshadowing for both. Hussie isn’t one to not reuse imagery.

…So why did he never reuse this wonderful image?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, we later get JOHN buried in a pile of DAVES…. but that wasn’t this.

>Dave: Read the note on the hatch.

This is not Dirk’s typing style.

I know that’s for REASONS of NOT HAVING MADE IT YET, but…. this is not Dirk’s typing style. This unsettles me for some reason.

I am just going to skip over Rose tossing John’s fort into the void.

Instead, let’s focus on the fact that Rose made him a bunch of fresh Captcha Cards! YAAAAY!

….Then we get this page.

Did…. did both of these Moduses have these buttons the entire time? Are they LITERALLY the SAME MODUS CARD just with the buttons swapped?? John literally has a spare copy of his modus???

>John: Read book. Be the wise guy.

John then gets inspiration for messing with the Alchemy System, and he makes… MY GOD HE MAKES…


A work of art, truly. A WORK. OF. ART.

We go through a few more pages of progression in which not much really happens, and John gets caught by a bed Rose threw in his path.

>{S} John: Sleep


….OH. it was just John falling asleep. I thought it was gonna be the the fancy dream sequence with Jade…


Similarly to my mood upon realizing this, Rose loses power.


> {S} John: Wake up.

OH? is this actually…?

I saw a pumpkinnnnnn X33

There really wasn’t a whole lot to this flash to review, but the way the Clouds work is different after this point. Admittedly, it’s likely because John has his eyes partly closed, but also, it’s very likely that Hussie just hadn’t worked out the Dream Cloud mechanics yet.

Jade then pesters John, says some vaguely foreshadowing stuff, and leaves John to fight the Ogres.

At one point, we’re drawn attention to the fact that the trick handcuffs are missing. Oh John.


You are confronted with a pair of enormous foes.

This is it. You have no choice but to wage a fierce rooftop battle. This is totally going to happen now, and could in no way conceivably be interrupted by a sudden shift in our attention. It’s go time. It’s time to do this thing.

Thanks for the SBAHJ reference, Hussie. Nice transition back to Dave.

Another FLASH!

>{S} Dave: Ascend to the highest point of the building.



We’ll continue with WV in a little bit, but for now, let’s focus on Dave ascending.

There is a very large focus on eyes in this Flash, both Dave’s beneath the shades, Lil’Cal’s creepy peepers, and the burning sun reflected IN Dave’s shades. The giant red sun effect is something that is tied with destruction- of the City, of Mindfang’s eye and arm, of Terezi’s Eyes…. and of the Sun the Earth orbits in the Newly Made Universe when IT dies, signaling Caliborn’s entry into his session.

Very subtle foreshadowing on Hussie’s part to tie the Sun with Lil’ Cal’s eyes like this.

But now, to WV!

You are now the Wayward Vagabond.

We’ll skip over the worn and tired gags that WV subverts.

There’s some Foreshadowing, which, for WV, doesn’t do anything… BUT considering our future experience in the Intermission with Spades Slick and the BARCODE SCANNER…. It’s easy to extrapolate that WV had to use this barcode to even ENTER the Exile Capsule in the first place!!

(Also, is it foreshadowing of Caliborn destroying Calliope’s art book by having WV eat pages from the guide book??)

((IT’s a FLAG, WV))


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