Let’s Talk SBAHJ!

This is likely going to be a shorter post than the others, as I tried doing a serious critique of each and every post on SBAHJ’s part of the site and… I gave up half way through.

What is Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff in context of MSPA and Homestuck- and the conclusion there of in Act 7? It does little to surprise anyone that SBAHJ started as a troll comic. There was a guy, on a forum, making shitty comics, parodying another guy, who made a comic, parodying another guy’s comic. The first guy was Andrew Hussie. His comic was SBAHJ.

The first several SBAHJ comics are directly lifted from that thread, and as such, have a distinctly different feel to them than later comics, which Hussie used to obliquely foreshadow events in Homestuck. At the point in Homestuck that this was started- Act 2- we’re introduced to Dave Strider, ostensibly an in-character self insert of Andrew Hussie… or at least, that’s before we actually GET Andrew Hussie as a self insert. Several of Dave’s early conversations in homestuck apparently are inspired from real chatlogs Hussie has had with other people. It goes with out saying that these IRC logs likely inspired the pesterlog format as a whole.

The Very first page of SBAHJ that we on the site is that of the infamous STAIRS incident and the payoff of foreshadowing unseen. Chronologically, it is actually either the second or third- you can tell because the “I WARNED YOU” panel of Hella Jeff is straight up lifted from one of the following comics. You can see a partially cut off “PANTS” in the top left corner of the panel. This heavy usage of copy paste is arguably part of the “Charm” of the comic. Interestingly, on the repeating of the earlier panel of Sweet Bro falling down the stairs, the text is NOT THERE. This tells me that Hussie did all the artwork first and THEN added in the dialogue. Why is this important? Hell if I know, I just find it an interesting facet of Hussie’s mental process when he made these first shitty comics. You’d think that he’d make a panel of art, then add the text, and THEN go back and re-use it, just for the sheer shittyness of the act of doing it that way. But nope, even with an intentionally shitty comic, he’s still done it in a fairly professional way.

The very next page is the one where the “Pants” panel is copied from. I’d go into ‘foreshadowing’ JohnXRoxy… but this is one of those panels that predates SBAHJ being a part of homestuck. It’s really just Hussie trolling people. As is the next page, “How HIGH do you even have to be” ect… which ALSO has copy-pasta from the “second” page… which I really think is likely the first one ever drawn. I know there’s an archived version of the thread somewhere, but I’m too lazy right now to dig it up. Maybe at the end of this post.

The ‘bro BUNP” is likely not foreshadowing either, not… intentionally, anyways. It was likely retroactively made such by Hussie during the future parts of Dave’s arc… as well as for one HELLA callback in late Act6Act6Intermission5. I have no idea what the squirrel or the car ruse distaction foreshadows either… Or what all the freaking skater dudes floating around are even for…

I’d like to imagine that Hussie had some legitimate plan in these early pages, but everything up to the end of NANCHO PARTY ARC seems to just be… him making an intentionally shitty comic. Like, you can’t NOT make something like this without intentionally doing it.  Like this page. Let’s just dissect this for a moment. The first image of Sweet Bro seems to have been redrawn twice, once with an error, and subsequently shoved off to the side of the screen, and the second to be ‘better.’ Then the whole ROW is just…copy pasted two more times. I can’t even BEGIN to imagine what kind of horrorwork Hussie had to do to make the third row so pixelated like that. The whole “DAMN” seems to go off screen, but this actually seems more to be just a bad crop?? How does someone do something like this unintentionally?? You can’t. This is all intentionally shitty and that is AMAZING…and terrifying.

SPORTS- was this actually foreshadowing for the Yellow Yard? Or did Hussie just ape the page afterwards for foreshadowing retroactively???

Prices and Values? Foreshadowing for the intermission? It’s hard to tell because there aren’t any obvious dates on the SBAHJ pages.

Now, see, in part TWO of the nancho paryt ark, hussie totally copied the whole panel of the “but then i’d have to kill you” panel, text and the resize outline included…And then it’s copied AGAIN from the same comic, but from a completely different PART of it- the second row to be exact.You can still see part of the “D” from the “GOD” in the page.  This was from the BLACKED OUT part of the page and then *RECOLORED* to skin tone AGAIN. This same panel is continued in its use in PAGE 3 and…. The next page where Hella Jeff is in the bathroom seems to be the first usage of Homestuck Troll Lingo, meaning that at this point, Hussie is likely intentionally using SBAHJ to foreshadow homestuck. Alright, sweet, now we can get into the ANANLYZIS AND DEDUCKTONS.

SHIT LET’S BE SANTA… With a copy pasta’d GREAT that I’m fAIRLY certain is from a later comic, and this is Hussie foreshadowing stuff through SBAHJ again… despite the fact that it’s literally probably calling back from an older, as of yet unreleased comic??? …

Newd Dog… PEACHES. Is this foreshadowing PM putting on the ring???

I can’t even begin to figure out Hussie’s logic for messing with these pages in the way that he’s done. How does one even BREAK artwork like this??

i applaud hussie’s use of postit notes, but come on… What is the point of this page except to actually maybe legitimately foreshadow JohnXRoxy? I don’t know.

It’s hard to tell with the AND IT DONT STOP page if this was actually legit foreshadowing, or retroactive foreshadowing for Karkat’s chair sitting. The next few pages are shirt advertisements. Hussie/Dave wasn’t being shy about this. Instead of writing up news posts like he did for Homestuck… this was all clip art and intentionally posted as comic pages.

The HALLOWEEN PAGE, is almost CERTAINLY foreshadowing the MAGNUM REVOLVER, Lord English murdering Hussie, as well as Kanaya’s DEATH and eventual RESURECTION as a vampire/ranibow drinker. The page following it is almost certainly also foreshadowing for the scene where Gamzee murders Nep and Eq. The next page includes a LIFDOFF which actually PRECEEDED the Murder of nep and eq…

Yeah, there’s no doubt that this is all actually homestuck foreshadowing now. The “CLOSE SHAVE” page is likely just there for the mirror foreshadowing.

The CHURCH PAGE, as has been pointed out by other people, is the same exact length as the page at the END OF ACT 5 ACT 1 where Aradia reviews Jack’s entry into their session. Was this posted before or after that page, though? I can’t remember. I’ll err on the side of caution and say… before?


The SPORTS pile… hard to tell if it’s another case of retroactive foreshadowing or intentional foreshadowing of John being burried in the Shitty Dave Pile.

Now we’re getting into something interesting. It’s Just A Wall. this is definitely foreshadowing for the moment in Cascade where Jade breaks through the fourth wall. I’m also pretty sure (but too lazy to check) that this brick wall is the same size AS the fourth wall file image.

The Subway DATE is likely foreshadowing for Rose’s sucky date with Kanaya in the Act6 Intermissions… then DaveKat Foreshadowing>??? I can’t tell anymore. Between the shitty clip art and the intentional JPG artifacts, this is impossible to make heads or tails of.

…WTF, I just noticed that there’s a 40 cent advertisement for someone looking for a vriska roleplayer… will pay 10$ for a long term roleplay… I’d link you to the picture but it’s got a legit email address on it so I’m not going to do that. Is this a legit thing or is someone just trolling the SBAHJ ads for the LULS sakes? I;m assuming it’s a troll because guaranteed is misspelled as “garunteed” …

The ad is now 60 cents.

Sollux’s missing teeth spit out foreshadowing: plus the infanmouse tHIS IS WHAT THE RENFEANCE.

I don’t think this page needs any explanation as to what it’s foreshadowing. Nor this page, but I’ll go over this one anyways. P.M. is a pawn who became queen, survived the end of her game, and escaped into another Skaian pond… where a Genesis Frog is born.

Was THIS PAGE before {S}Cascade? I vaguely remember it after Cascade, but I could be wrong. If it was before… ROCK SOLO GuITAR MUSIC. Needs no explanation. If it was after… uh… well who knows.


Is it a Murder Mystery?? Noope, it’s just a set up for a SHITTY TWIST. Followed by THNAKSGIVING COMIX. WHOO, Hussie just couldn’t resist making this one animated, could he?

After an OBVIOUS HOLLIDAY JOKE, we’re treated to some FROG STUFF, at this point in Homestuck, this page was pretty much telling fans, “SOMETHING HAPPENS WITH A FROG” which.. yeah, act 7.

I remember a lot of discussion about if THIS PAGE is referencing Caliborn somehow and– Wait. That’s it? This is the last page???

Ladies and Gentlement, we have completed SBAHJ. I made a lot of typos in this and I think I’ll leave them behind. BECAUSE SBAHJ.

I really have nothing else to say about any of this except, yes, Hussie was using the later half of the comic’s run for Homestuck Foreshadowing. Quite clever, I suppose. There’s still a lot of stuff that was likely just flat out trolling, though, making it hard to really separate foreshadowing fact from retroactive bullshitting….

Damn, I just got that Bullshit comic after the ROCK SOLO.


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