Splatoon – Sandcastle V Snowmen Splatfest


This Splatfest, it was Team Sandcastle Versus Team Snowman. The current stage was Mahi Mahi Resort- and the Jet Squelcher user on team Sandcastle sneaked his way across the map up to the point that he was in the enemy base very early on. It was barely within the first minute of the match.

As his Inkzooka powered up, he glanced to the battle field with his eyes, then to the tablet. The Snowmen were fully distracted by Sandcastles, and so… Off the rocket went towards a place that looked fairly empty.

The Jet Squelcher user never expected the Inkzooka to splat three Squids at once. He managed to get them all again by the time they’d respawned.

He was laughing the entire time.

Same stage, different time; same Squid, different weapon. The match was almost over. They’d win, for sure, but at this point it was better to try and keep the enemies pinned down.

He’d switched to a weapon that had Killer Wail on it, and it was near the end of the match. The Sandcastles had pushed and pushed and now the Snowmen were pretty much trapped in their base.

Two of them- rollers- were rushing at him down the ramp from the spawn point. They were sitting ducks.

The Squid cracked a grin, and let loose his Killer Wail.

Those two rollers were hit instantly- and a second later, some poor Squid that had just jumped out of the spawn point didn’t look where they were going.

SPLAT! Three out of four, barely a second left on the clock and- SPLAT! The squid felt ink hit him from behind, and as the buzzer went off, he gave a thumbs up to his team-mate who had gotten the last member of the team.

Four out of Four on the Buzzer. They didn’t even get a chance to respawn.

Once more, Mahi Mahi Resort. Back to the Jet Squelcher. This time, they were facing off against their own team. Sandcastles versus Sandcastles.

They’d had a fairly long winning streak so far and this was the first time Sandcastles had fought themselves. The Squelcher boy felt good about this match.

They started off with the usual path- and for the first half of the match, His side of sandcastles did fairly well- he almost wondered if his winning streak from before had been because of him alone, or if he’d just gotten a bad set of opponents.

Then, the water level lowered, and the other side struck back with a veangence. He was splatted who knew how many times, but by the time the end of the match had reared its timer buzzer, he’d just seen their base Inkzooka’d from the other squids from his team.

With a laugh all the way through to the end, it didn’t matter that he lost that match. He was having so much fun!

A.N.: Just a few of the more memorable moments from today’s Splatfest. :33


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