ESO – Barrel of Laughs (XPost)

Xposted on Entering Skyrim.

‘The guards are particularly stubborn tonight,’ Argo bit back a growl as she waited for the hired guard to waltz past her chosen hiding spot- a large rug basket resting on the docks.

It was either her impatience for battle or her desire to find a way to recover Silica from when-ever she’d landed in, but whatever the cause- Argo was certain that she hated waiting in these stupid baskets while waiting for the dumb stupid guards to get out of her way so she could do her freaking job.

Her nose itched from the dust clinging to the rugs and the walls of the barrel, and her skin felt slick with sweat from the salty and hot and humid air that came from being on the docks of a particularly desert like region. Abbah’s Landing- Hew’s Bane- she wasn’t sure which was the proper name for this region and which was the town, but whatever. It didn’t really matter because it didn’t change the fact that here she was, a Nightblade with some impressive fighting reflexes… and she was forced to wait.

Oh, it wasn’t like she couldn’t blast her way through these foolish Iron Wheel pricks with ease- they were barely worth anything to her Werewolf claws that had tore jagged cuts into Molag Bal’s hide- but the Thieves’ Guild ran on minimum bloodshed. It was their ‘code’ and it set them apart from the rest of the bunch.

Really, expecting a werewolf to NOT fight was like asking a Flame Atronach to not set things on fire when it did just about anything.

And so she- ‘Ah! Finally!’ – The Guard had his back turned and Argo was moving out of the basket before he could even hear her removing the lid. The small Fennic Fox that had been waiting nearby in the shadows saw her move and gave chase.

It wasn’t a particularly stealthy companion in concept, Argo, mused, but the little thing had proven itself more times already than she’d expected. The fox had been a gift from the Traveler after they’d met up in the thieves’ den in Daggerfall to trade notes on their progress towards finding out what happened to Silica. He’d said that he had some business in Waywrest that the Queen had sent him on that might prove interesting. She, on the other hand, had been approached by a thief looking for a partner.

And that had been how Argo had gotten in way over her head and was trespassing through the warehouse district of this port town so she could find a stupid ledger so that she could get the aid of a former member of the guild so that they could- What was it again? Argo scrunched her nose up as she hid in the shadows. Even as her little pet fox scurried up to her feet, Argo couldn’t remember what the overall point of this was. She wasn’t even sure that her “Guild Master” knew that she’d even been sent on this little expedition.

And that really was the frustrating part. It had just been a mission to pass the time away, not… THIS. Not this expedition to a far-away part of the land and end up– ‘And there’s another guard!’ — diving into another rug basket.

Impatience. That was what Argo decided it was. She was dealing with her own impatience in wanting to get her friend… maybe even possibly sister… back from the clutches of who knew what. Akatosh seemed like a decent deity to swear at, for some reason.

As she waited for this next guard to pass by, Argo reflected on her dreams since that time. They were odd, broken, and scattered. Sometimes they focused on Silica surviving in some hellish plane of oblivion, and other times it was of Argo herself having found herself in the company of assassins.

Assassins? Assassins Argo could work with. She could kill with surprising stealth. That was what she was good at. She appeared, struck, and disappeared back into the shadows. Breaking cover even for a moment was practically part of the job requirement of being a Nightblade. But no, instead here she was working as a normal thief who couldn’t kill anyone. Freaking stupid guards and their stupid lanterns that refused to walk faster than an Ice Atronach.

Finally, this one left as well, and Argo was on the move again.

As she finally made her way towards the assigned meeting place behind the back of a certain warehouse, Argo mused that if she survived this whole encounter with the Thieves’ Guild, at the very least she might be able to use their resources to help figure out what to do about Silica’s disappearance. They never should have let her go off on her own. Why had they been so stupid to have let her wander around like that? She was just a kid. Sure, a kid who had helped them smack Molag Bal into submission, but a kid none the less.

The lady she was supposed to be helping mistook her impatience for simply being a brute, but oh well, what could be done. Argo didn’t care what others thought of her right now. She just wanted her friend back.

And she would do anything to make sure that worked out in the end.


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