Advent Wars Master Post -1sthalf

I decided to post these here in two large chunks. :33 If you want to see the notes I posted along with these, check the thread on Myst Online.

Let the Games Begin – Advent Wars: Day One.

Batter Up! Lego throws me a curveball! – Advent Wars Day 2

Thursday it be, time for Advent Wars Day 3!

Advent Wars Day 4: Totally Awesomely Radically Driving In Style

Day Five of Advent Wars: In Which We Require a Tie Breaker.

It’s Day Six of Advent Wars!


Day Eight: Do the Ewok Lamp Walk.

Day Nine: Stay Fresh!

Day 10: Trooper Who?

Day 11: I would re-render a thousand times.

Day 12: Enter the Chopper.


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