Mystryal Pocket Guide Preview 9

Ah, well, I’ve been a bit lazy the last few days about posting things. Sorry about that.

That said, however, maybe I should have split things out a bit more evenly rather than once a day? *SHRUGS* I’ve basically hit a point where I don’t feel I can post anything else in preview without potentially spoiling things. So, without further adue, I’m closing Preview Month with an entry on:


The continent of Rakutor is similar in size to what the Sunrise Isles once looked like, long ago. Likewise, it is home to similar vegetation- dense forest trees, and other similar tropical plant life- and native wildlife- Harpies are common in the branches, however, Rakutor is known more for the type of lizard-beast that the continent is named for: Rakutors. Ranging in size from small, chicken sized beasts covered in feathers to large, horse sized workforce animals with a tough, scaled hide.

Rakutors are social beasts, able to communicate easily between themselves and others with shrill, barking cries. Their larger Cousins have been exported across the world as a labor animal, while their smaller cousins are often kept as pets.

The continent of Rakutor is home to six countries, including Green Skull Island as a part of the continent. These countries are:



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