Pocket guide preview 8

Pardon for the delay, here’s another pocket guide snip.


The Island of Alcor’s Helmet was mangled the most by the Cataclysm, but has a similar civilization level to Aura’s Dawn. Like the other islands, it is mainly tropical jungle, with a large Harpy population; however, it has a larger Lightning Beetle population than Aura’s Dawn. Living in the cities on the island, Dragons share the title of “most dominant species” with Drow and Undines, with Sylphs, Gnomes, and Spriggains taking up the rest of the population.

The Largest city on the island, and the one most often visited by tourists, is [Scarsteir], located on the largest river on the island, just at the base of the tallest mountain, from which the river’s source flows.

The second largest city is [Relheim], home to some of the greatest of the master Mystery Writers of the post-cataclysm era. Relheim has formed its tourist industry off of hosting random Mystery novel events, as well as allowing tours of the homes of some of the great writers gone past. Relheim also features museum houses of some of their fictional residents- be sure to visit the Bven Family Farm House while visiting this town, be it for business or pleasure! Their home style Mac’ ‘N’ Cheese is made with a secret family recipe and the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world!


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