Mystryal Preview Snip 8

“Hey, you know as well as I do that the garlic sauce isn’t that good for you,” Obonz protested. “The marinara sauce is a lot better for you, and tastes better with the pizza too!”

“But you’re basically just dipping pizza into it’s own Sauce, Bonesy!” Yuki scolded him.

“Yeah! What’s the fun in that?” Ayako asked, nodding in agreement with her friend’s statement. Her aura practically radiated a jovial mood now, let alone the swishing of her tail and perked up ears that came from a change in mood.

“Asks the girl who orders ranch dip instead of marinara for her cheese-sticks,” Obonz smirked at her in a knowing, friendly way that all detectives did.

Friendly Teasing Banter. Nobody could get mad when you got to know someone long enough, although they could sure pretend, as Ayako was doing now. The long, sharp, drawn in gasp, followed by a higher-pitched tone of voice, decried the foulest of foul insults!

“Well, I NEVER!” She put a hand up against her forehead and lamented, dramatically, “Oh woe is me, Mika’nnn~! Bones is mocking my favorite foods!” She then spun around dramatically in a circle, “Why! I feel faint! I think I’m going to…!”

And then, she dramatically colapsed back against one of the dining room chairs, like a puppet without strings. Her tongue rolled out of her mouth as she hung her head, all so cleverly playing dead for the sake of the joke.


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