Pocket Guide Snip 7


Lycanthropes- more commonly known as “Lycans” and “Werewolves”- were born out of the successful cure to combat the plague that the Cataclysm brought upon humans and wolves alike. {This cure was a last ditch effort originally born from the blood of the Pathfinder Hecate to survive the Cataclysm Plague.} Lycanthropy initially causes both Humans and Wolves to permanently shift into the Lycan race- humanoids with wolf ears, tail, a spattering of fur, and magical reserves- that can then shift into more powerful, more wolf-born forms.

While all Lycans share these common traits, depending on genetics, region, and Turned-Versus-Natural status, Lycans come in different varrieties.

[Common Type] – The Type of Lycan that one thinks of when the name “Lycan” is even heard. Typically born with brown or golden fur. These Lycans were also the first seen in the wake of the Cataclysm Plague, which explains their vast proliferation across the world.

[Jackal Type] – The “Naked Desert” variety of Lycan that are particularly native to the desert regions. These Lycans have no fur on their bodies save for the hair on their heads. Their ears and tail are bare, and even when entering their full Wolf-born modes, no additional hair grows.

Their furless skin, once it reaches a spectacular golden tan, gains the same magical resistance of an Imp’s skin towards the sun, as well as serving as a means of flat out ignoring the blazing hot temperatues that the sands of the desert can reach.

[Wild Type] – Wild Lycans are those that are descended from Lycans of the Cataclysm era who permanently lost control. While their descendants have as full control over their transformations as any other Lycan species, in human form, they are known to have sharper angles to the face, giving them a more wolfish appearance in every day life.

Note to aspiring Medical Examiners: “We have compared deceased Wild Lycan skulls to those of their other cousins, and discovered that Wild Type Lycan skulls have less segmentation in both forms, and appear more fully formed into a solid wolf skull than any of their other cousins. If you need to identify a corpse’ skull in a hurry, this is a handy identifing marker to narrow down time.”

[Blood Type] – The Lycans born with Crimson Fur. Blood type Lycans are known in Legend for their innate ability to heal others by simply licking wounds. While their saliva lacks any latent magical properties, Blood type Lycans do have an exceptional ability to pick up healing magic, and often are seen working in the medical field.

RUMOR: It is reported that those who have the sunny disposition necessary in medical work often times will intentionally seek out troublemakers in their lives, in order to practice maintaing a smile while patching up various wounds. With regards to Blood Lycans, we have been unable to varrify this accusation, receiving looks ranging from wry smiles to confused glares.

[Other Types] – While other varriations of Lycans have been rumored to been seen- these kinds are either never confirmed in sufficient mass to reach the population markers necessary to add them to this guide, or are hoaxes- stunts made for publicity’ sake alone.

Notable hoaxes include: “Fire”Wolves, “Water”Wolves, “WereFrogs”, “WereCats”, “Earth’n’Wood”- a Lycan who pretended to be made up out of fallen trees and animated by magical mud, this for a book stunt, and “Glass Cannon” – a Werewolf who dusted his hide with glass powder and claimed to have been born with diamond fur!


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