The various races of Oneuywa are as varied as the people that constitute them. Legend goes that when the Creators of our world descended, they dreamed up four primary races:

[Dragons]– those who would glide through the skies on wings and had great magic potential.

[Humans]– the common ones whose body type was shared with all.

[Wolves]– Sentient animals with the rare ability to speak aloud.

[Elementals]– those made up of the pure elements of the world.

However, knowing that their children would interact with each other, the Creators designed Hybrids between the various races. Most Hybrids fall under the umbrella term [Elves]. However, there are two others of particular note that do not.

[Lycans]– the howling shapeshifters between humans and wolves.

[Lamias]– the mystic children of Dragons and Undines.


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