Dragons are primarily known for having varying scale colors across the visible color spectrum. Children receive their color from a ‘middle point’ of shading in between two different colors. For example, a Dragon with Red scales and a Dragon with Yellow scales would have a child with Orange scales.

In the times Pre-cataclysm, Dragons were known as shape shifters, able to go from their humanoid form, what we know them as in this modern day and age, into reptilian beasts of various forms. Like many of the magic arts lost during the Cataclysm, these transformations were lost and or sealed away. No-one is quite sure what happened, but the cost was very severe.

Beyond losing their shapeshifting magic, Dragons can no longer fly as they once did, as the shapeshifting magic itself allowed a Dragon to lighten their bone structure to a similar consistency of a Harpy’s, allow them to fly. At best, a Dragon can only glide on their wings, given sufficient altitude.


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