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As Physical Manifiestations of the living world’s magic, Elementals singularly have control over their respective field of magic. Their bodies appear to be completely made up of a given element in their natural state, but can ‘restrain’ their physical powers to appear human, allowing communication and interaction between the various other races in the world.

Interestingly, while this allows for reproduction between Elementals and the other races- Elementals cannot hybridize. Children between them often become one elemental or another, seemingly at random. It was once observed that an Iconox was born from a Sylph and a Gnome, neither of whom had Iconox ancestry in their past.

[PYROMANDERS] – The most infamous of all Elementals. Their bodies are made up entirely of flame and molten rock. Pyromanders are the only Elementals known to have magic that overwrites any hybridization with any other race due to a curse put upon them during the Cataclysm.  Their cursed Fire Magic is extremely potent in all cases it’s observed, often times consuming any hybridized children and turning them into Pyromanders for a short time before a complete burnout occurs, resulting in death of the child.

 Due to their curse, Pyromanders have requested that their Restrained Form descriptions be stricken from the ANY guide for privacy’s sake. If a disguised Pyromander reveals that they are a Pyromander to you, it is because of a large amount of trust and belief in you as a person. Take it as the sign of trust it is, and DO NOT try to figure out if someone is a Pyromander in disguise or not.

[UNDINES] – Water Elementals who are known to shape shift between humanoid forms and a Lamia-like “Mer-Maid” form in their Natural forms. These shapes can carry over to their Restrained form if desired, where their skin appears slightly slimy, akin to a frog’s.

Undines tend to absorb ambient moisture from the air regardless of form, and often place themselves in areas where they can keep an eye on water flow through towns and ports. They cannot, however, control the weather. Every Undine everywhere would appreciate it if that rumor would stop spreading.

[GNOMES] – Earth Elementals whose bodies appear to be made out of boulders in their natural forms. They have strict control over earth based magics- being able to shape the landscape to their whims, but only through the physical rock and dirt. Plant life heeds no command of a Gnome.

In Restrained form, a Gnome will typically have colored skin based upon the color of the dirt in the landscape around them when they were born. Rumor Busted but Still Needs Repeating: A Gnome’s physical strength is NOT dependent on where they were born.

[SYLPHS] – In a bizarre reversal of the others, a Sylph’s natural form appears to be their most Restrained, appearing as an Elf-type being with fragile wings that vary from insect to insect. However, make a Sylph mad, and they will transform into a whirling swarm of flower petals and insects- all in a vaguely humanoid shape with a glowing core of magicka at the center. This makes Sylphs the only Elelmental with an express form that appears to have evolved solely for combat.

Sylphs have an innate control over nature magic, and, in fact, are the ones with slight control over weather by nature of being able to influence the local wind-environment to their whims. Do NOT ask a Sylph to control the Weather for personal gain, as this type of weather alteration will affect the weather system of the entire world rather than just an isolated area.

Sylphs have dubbed the term “Butterfly Effect” after this magical resonance as a means of stating any kind of situation that rapidly expands out of the original intent.

[ICONOX] – The Ice Elementals. Their default forms appear to be made out of solid ice, and they prefer to live in the coldest regions in the world in this form. In their Restrained forms, however, they are known to have moved as far down as the Equator, but never further past.

Their restrained forms prevent access from the massive freezing powers an Iconox can generate in their natural forms, as that powerful magic seems to instead be focused on keeping their physical form intact. A Restrained Iconox appears as a very pale skinned human- so pale that their bodies might as well be as transparent as glass in the right lighting- or as a shimmering mirror in other lighting situations.


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