The Five Island Clusters of the Sunrise Isles are the most curious places in the world. Only three of the five named Islands in this cluster are physically whole, the other two are shattered, but lie close enough together to be counted as the same Island.

As they were all part of the same continent once upon a time, all five Islands share similar cultural habbits, although altered depending on where in the temperature range they fall.

The Islands are primarily tropical in nature, and most businesses residing there fall under the broad umbrella of Shipping and Trading. Primary exports include tropical fish and Lightning Beetle meat. Harpy Eggs are harvested on some islands, primarily in the hottest regions, where the Harpies themselves tend to overheat and lay more eggs than they have fertilized.

Tree-based exports are few and far between in this region, as Harpies make their nests in all forests. While the Harpies allow a small amount of trees to be chopped down at a time, the first and last time any major logging operation was attempted, the angry brid-women swooped down and clawed the eyes out of the Foreman in charge of the operation. No other logging operations have been attempted since.

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The Islands of Aura’s Dawn lie mainly to the east of the international date line, with a few small pieces crossing the line into the past.

On the largest island, [Crescent Claw], there are two officially dedicated sites along this line dedicated to allowing a person to stand in two different days at the stroke of midnight. In between the two sites lays one town in particular, and was built along the line, intentionally following it in as narrow of a line as possible from coast to coast, where the two sites reside.

This town and shrine cluster, which stretches for miles along the coast, is known as [Worledge] to the Locals. It is said that on the anniversary of the Cataclysm, when one stands on the date line in this town, an aurora can be seen over the ocean.

The Population of Worledge is mostly Spriggain, Undine, and Lamia, with a spattering of Lycans and Humans. The rest of the island of Crescent Claw is pure Lycan territory, following the trends of no named towns and cave-homes that surfaced shortly after the Cataclysm Plague eradicated most of the Human born settlements on the island. While there are Moon Shrines on the island, they are not named, and are well hidden among the forest.
The Town of [Egg Roost], on the western most part of Aura’s Dawn’s tiniest constituents, lies directly to the west of the date line. The only school in that town lies directly on the opposite side of the date line. No official structures have been built on thie line on the small island that Egg Roost town resides on.

The residents of Egg Roost are an overall blending of all races, and the various traditions have merged together over the centuries since the Cataclysm. Pyromanders have rarely lived in town, it should be noted, and are rarely seen on shipping boats. Be prepared for the Native Children to stared at and ask you to breathe fire if you are a Pyromander!

The two Islands to the east of Egg Roost are [Poi’sa] and [Ay’gar], and are generally uninhabited by anything other than Harpies. It is rumored that there is a curse laid upon these two islands: Anyone stepping foot on Poi’sa are said to be cursed with an unending laughter; while those approaching Ay’gar are said to feel an all-imposing sadness.

While it has never been proven that this is true, rumors continue to state that death follows these two particular curses, and all natives to Aura’s Dawn refuse to visit to confirm the rumors. Those who travel to the islands on a dare are reported to have never even arrived.

Regardless of the Rumor’s truth, there is something strange happening on these two islands. Travel to them at your own risk!

The second biggest island of Aura’s Dawn’s chain is [Mahgelait], home to a magical wellspring of similar nature to the Clover Islands, although much less potent. Those born to this island are seen to have the same golden hair as those from the Clover Islands, however said hair is noticeably duller when directly compared.

The Island population is, similarly to Egg Roost, an even mix of all races, although there is a slightly higher percentage of Lycans and Humans in the mix.

Finally, wrapping up Aura’s Dawn, are the Islands [Crested Hills] and [Sharpened Beak]. These islands are primarily populated with the Plant-life Elementals, Sylphs. The Sylphs of Sharpened Beak have leaned towards isolation in recent years, rejecting any immigrants seeking to live there and any travelers hoping to visit. In contrast, the Sylphs of of Crested Hills prefer open expansion, and will often travel to other parts of the world to experience the different natural environments throughout.

(If you are a Sylph who has bought this Pocket Guide, please see the section on Green Skull Island for Travel Tips and Info!)

Crested Hills also hosts a small group of Nat-born Lycans and Humans- who have settled into the practice of Sheep Farming here due to a lack of predators. The Sylphs of Crested Hills often take in any immigrants rejected from Sharpened Beak.


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