Welcome, students, to Mystryal Academy! Or, perhaps you aren’t a student? Are you merely a researcher looking to get a glimpse of where you intend to go? Or are you simply looking to expand your horizons of the world without traveling far and wide? Whichever unique case your circumstances provide, we are proud to introduce you to the Pocket guide to Oneuywa!

Although this book was originally and initially written for the students of Mystryal Academy as a refresher guide in international customs, we here at Mystryal Publishing decided that a popular book among our students, such as this one, should not be restricted from the general public!

As such, while there are internal notes meant exclusively for Mystryal Students not present in our public releases, these notes are marked as such in our Student Guides. These notes are enclosed within {Curved Brackets.} If a publishing error has occurred and your purchased copy contains these notes, we politely request that you likewise return it to the address printed on the back. We will refund you the full price of purchase, and send you the normal version free of charge.

If you are a casual student of history at a normal school, you will be surprised to learn many things about the world we live in that you probably didn’t know already!

If you are indeed taking classes at Mystryal, then you will definitely be referencing our pocket guide for years to come! We try to keep our information as up to date as we can, and are constantly re-releasing the guide to keep our information as fresh as possible!

So please, sit back, relax, and refer to our guide whenever you need a question answered! If you spot any errors, or wish to submit a guest article, please write to us via the address on the back!


Mystryal Publishing.


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