Mystryal: August Teasers

Coming in AUGUST,  I’ll be publishing some teaser fragments to the:



NOTE: I won’t be publishing *EVERYTHING* that will be in the final version (gotta have some surprises, after all), however there will be some interesting snipits and fragments coming up that will give some insight into the story of Mystryal as it plays out in the novels. :33  It’s all canon too… or, well, as canon as a Pocket Guide CAN be within a reasonable word-count. 😛

The Pocket Guide is a look into the wide world I’ve crafted up, but it doesn’t go into too many details. Keep in mind that a bit of this is going to be BETA as well. The Final Version will probably have some differences to it.

I will also probably release some beta-snips from the books that I’ve gotten written so far. Nothing major in that regard, just a few sentences from various characters. It probably won’t make any sense out of context, though. 😛
This is going to fill in a bit of a gap that I’ll be having in Dovah’s Mind videos during August, but trust me, I AM working on stuff in the background now that I’ve got the XWAU02 rewrite finished. I haven’t been idle, and won’t be even if it seems like I have been. ^^

So keep an eye out here for more to come! :33

_Calum Traveler


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