WHOO! So I’ve completed a lot of character sheet concepts for my planned recurring characters.

Read on below the break for more!

 FROM LEFT TO RIGHT (CLICK LINK! Image is TOO BIG to post here!)
“The Reaper’s Assistant” – a young girl who is always seen around the Reaper on her home island. She is either engaging the Reaper in a chess match, or otherwise tending to the Reaper’s estate.
The Reaper in Green – a woman who, at first glance, appears to be perfectly healthy. Her clothes shimmer and shine with translucent magicka and hides the fact that her skin is an off-putting color, pale almost to the point of death itself.
The Pathfinder – a shapeshifter whose most known identity is an anonymous construct of golden bows and humming strings.  Their second most common identity is that of a werewolf with a fur color of a light cyan hue.
“The Lucky Cat” – the Matron of Thieves, her name is not well known to the world. But those who know her name are in for a very interesting time indeed. Interestingly, she is often seen in the company of one of the Pathfinder’s suspected aliases.
“The Traitorous Flame Princess” – The self proclaimed “Mother of all Pyromanders” is nothing more than an upstart brat who brainwashed an entire army to do her bidding, causing a massive Catastrophe that shattered continents and vastly reshaped the landscape.
Pyromanders – Pyromanders are known for their bright flame auras, as well as their propensity to float on air currents. They can compress their fire-auras into themselves, allowing for them to pass as a human. Normal clothing usually cannot survive the ignition of a fire aura- leading most Pyromanders to wear specially treated metal armor whenever necessary.
Detective Kaie – A Detective of the Mystryal Detective Agency. He tries to do things safely, and by the book, but when the book changes at a whim, it’s hard to keep his team out of trouble.
Lamias – Lamias have the distinct ability to see magical auras, a gift called “The Sight.” The Sight allows them to see the world in a very unique way, but even it can become overwhelming to some.
Detective Mayoi – A Dragon Detective from Mystryal. Mayoi is best described as a “Troll,” on her best day. She loves detective novels, and aspires to be as witty as some of her favorite textbook detectives. Her partner often must remind her that life is not a fictional novel.
Dragons – Dragons, once upon a time, held more animalistic forms, but with the power to become more humanoid at a whim. After the Catastrophe, most Dragons lost that power, but in times of great peril, they may be able to unlock that other form for a short time.
“Mika’n” – a student at the Mystryal Detective Academy. She’s most often known for her wild, spur of the moment theories that often times make little sense at the moment, but could very likely crack a case wide open.
Lycans – Also known as “Werewolves” in ancient culture, were born out of the events preceeding the Catastrophe. They can shift from a more clearly humanoid form to a more wolfish form. The differences manifest primarily in visual appearance, as the internal mental changes can become quite hard to put into words. When born as a single child, Lycans will have either Blue eyes and Red Claws, or Red eyes and Blue Claws. When born as twins, one will have red claws and the other blue; however, they will both share a singular eye color.
Spriggains – Their green, leaf like skin heralds back to the plant elemental ancestry of of the Spriggains, while their mostly humanoid forms retain their human ancestry. Spriggain hair color can vary from individual to individual, covering a wide spectrum of the colors of the rainbow.
Kendal Kaie – Detective Kaie’s daughter. She has a temper that can best be described as “A ticking time bomb.” This makes her father worry constantly over her, to the point of even deciding that she will never go to the Mystryal Academy in hopes of keeping her out of the more dangerous situations the title of detective presents.

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