XWAU02 Rewrite final stretch

Since we have 12 chapters remaining, Starting Monday the schedule will be: 2 X0VA chapters a week for 6 Weeks. Probably Tuesdays and Thursdays as the upload day of choice.

And then that’ll be that. The rewrite will be FINISHED. 0_0 There’ll still be a few bits of Vamola! to tweak into alignment, but otherwise, rewrite work on fanfiction related stuff will be done! That means you’ll start to see some new stuff flow through! Wheeee….

EDIT: Oh, also, I’m considering uploading the old Calliope journals from Entering Skyrim onto AO3, just for the sake of it. It’s years old content by now, but it’s also deserving a final end… it’s kinda been dangling for a little while, so… yeah. New stuff! Ish.



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