More Mystryal Circle Concepts

Read on for more! 😀 As always, click on the pictures for the full view!

“The Reaper’s official summoning circle is often modified for use not as a summoning circle, but instead a simple luck charm. Superstition holds that the Reaper will see through it, and can influence the life of whoever carries her modified circle. While enchanters claim there is no possible magic that can be imbued through the modified circle, it has been proven that wearing the charm will give the wearer good health and the occasional bout of good fortune.

Whether this is through the Reaper’s own meddling or through the placebo effect, nobody is certain. When Asked on this subject during a summoning, the Reaper herself reportedly only smiled mysteriously, and asked if the summoner would like a cup of tea.”

“it is rumored throughout the land that those that have this complex circle tattooed to their skin are said to be part of an elite band of thieves. It appears to be a summoning circle, but none outside of those with the mark know what the proper name for the center of the circle even is. Those baring this mark are said to have uncanny luck in avoiding arrest by the law.

It is but rumor and superstition, yes. They claim that, like the Reaper’s Luck charm, it is a modified summoning circle. But those who study the circles have never come across any such circle as described by the rumors. Nobody has heard of any such cat-like being who can affect luck in that manner.

They also say that anything that this mark is applied to will be ignored. Which is impossible, really. This mark shares no similarities at all to the well known and documented anti-perception runes. Lies, slander, and misfortune, the experts claim. And really, any similarities in shape and design to the Pathfinder’s circle are just flat-out wrong. There’s no shared traits between the two circles at all.

…And that is just how the Patron of Thieves likes it.”

“Binding circles come in various shapes and forms, ranging from simple, to complex. The most historically known circle (shown here) came into existence purely by accident after three consecutive attempts to bind and banish a powerful fire demon into submission. This Circle falls somewhere in the middle-to-high range of the complexity scale, featuring the six known contributors to the binding in the main circles, and the multitude of magical bindings that create the interlocking spell seal.

Due to the complexity level, This Circle serves less as an actual binding circle and more of a symbol of the successful binding+banishment due to the fact that it was discovered engraved in the ground shortly after the final, successful attempt, as most circles of this magic level are known to do. Very rarely are circles of this caliber intentionally crafted by hand, and when they are, it is usually with weeks and months of preplanned preparation.

All binding circles share a common theme and design elements:

  • In the center, A circle with an Eye motif, representing the target to be/that has been bound. In hand crafted circles, usually an offering is placed here. Commonly used are a scrap of hair or a small sample of blood. Less commonly used instead are items owned by the target, as this has a marginal chance to backfire and target anyone who has ever touched the object in question.
  • Contributor Circles: Typically a name or symbol that represents the person/people who create a given circle.
  • “Chain Lines”: The amount of repeating, firmly drawn chain lines indicates the power level of the Circle. Circles with few lines are typically meant only for temporary bindings, lasting only an hour or so, and only serve to interrupt the target’s magic usage. Circles with a massive amount of lines are instead more permanent, and, again, make a circle more representative of the effort that was put into the actual binding, rather than the effort in drawing the circle itself.”

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