Mystryal Circle Concepts

Mystryal is based to some degree on the Elder Scrolls lore. As such, there are those beings of celestial/demonic power levels… beings that can be summoned.

Take a look below to see some summoning circle concept art!

First up is the Pathfinder’s Circle. (Thumbnail is different from picture that is linked to because deviantart is being weird.)

“From Mages to Swordsmen; from weary Travelers to prey-seeking Hunters alike; those seeking to make a deal with the Pathfinder draw this circle. Their goal may be to find a way home, or to exact vengeance on someone who has wronged them. They may have a petty reason, or a morally correct stance- whatever their end goal is, the Pathfinder will stretch and restring fate’s loom until the deal’s terms are met.

All one has to do…

Is string the Pathfinder’s name into the center of the circle.”

Next is the Solar Circle, of which there are two variants.

Click on through to see the full versions. :33

“The circle of the Star in the heavens– a symbol known its radiant glow and all powerful energy. Those who share in the Sun’s power also share the same circle for summoning, with but a difference for the name in the center.”


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