XWAU02 rewrite chap 63 posted to A03

A Feuding King and Queen step into a restaurant. What’s the punch line? Answer under the break.


Ah, well, sudden colds aside that make me less productive than I want to be, I’ve gotten some headway into draft 3.1 of Mystryal Book 1 (Previous Version number: 2.7). Just hit Chapter 5 and decided it was time to push out another XWAU-02 rewrite chapter, since I said I was going to do that sometime this week… Yeesh, is it really already Thursday???

This one is one of my favorite episodes of the original draft, really, even though I hate breaking Sylen and Akari up however briefly it was in-universe, the fact that they hash their problems out with a food fight somehow makes it a lot better. Especially when set to a funny song! 😀


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