ACT ?? ACT ??? ACT ????

If you’re reading this after following the URL on the cards I handed out this past weekend, WELCOME! If you’re a returning watcher, WELCOME BACK! (Again.)  :33

So! What’s on the agenda for this week? A bit of everything, really. Over on the story side of things, I plan on working more to finish up the XWAU02 rewrite, as well as doing filming for the next batch of Dovah’s Mind episodes. I’ll be working on some other background projects in the background as well, but mainly this week is going to be about getting back into the swing of things. Also making sure that everything is updated a bit more regularly and consistently. Like that Kill la Kill oneshot, I need to post that over on AO3 sometime soon. I’ll probably work on that next, actually. So go look at my AO3 page if you haven’t yet, and keep an eye open, because that’ll be going up soon. Ish.

On the fun side of things, I’ll be posting some pictures on Deviant Art of all the SW33T L00T that I got over the past week (not just this weekend, but most of it will be from there) once I get the stuff I ordered from What Pumpkin during the 413 sale (Because I might as well save some time after all and post it all at once. haha) which… hopefully should be getting here sometime soon? The weather caused some traffic accidents around when I ordered that stuff so I hope it didn’t get delayed.

So yeah, TL;DR: I’m going to be trying to be more productive around here.


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