SF Weekend Post 2

Immortals. Scene 2.

High up in the skies, two armies clashed. A series of purple plated flying ships fired off bursts of gunfire at a mirror fleet plated in gold. Flying high above them, however, was a single, white structure made up of four rotating orbs interconnected with a set of bridges.
They say we are what we are, but we don’t have to be.
Down beneath the cloud layer, a different, pitch black ship lay in wait, and on its flight deck, a series of vespas and vanships.
I’m bad behavior but I do it in the best way.
Our camera drops to one vespa in particular, its pilot a girl with long flowing violet hair, and its navi a boy with short blond hair.
I’ll be the watcher (watcher)
They adjusted their goggles, and started revving up the engines.
Of the Eternal Flame
Aboard the Guild Ship’s flight deck, a crew bustled about as they observed the battles.
I’ll be the guard dog
But in the dead center of the room were a series of guards surrounding a young girl in a white dress that went down to her ankles, just as her hair did.
Of all your fever dreams.
The girl looked up sadly at the leader of the guards, a teenaged girl with a battle hardened expression, Her ID tag read a single name: [ASUNA].
Ooh oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo ooh
The black ship, ID tag reading [Moonlit Black Cat], ascended above the cloud layer, surprising both sides of the battle as it began firing on both sides with stun rounds, giving them clearance to fly through the gap between armies, and towards the Guild Ship.
I am the sand at the bottom half of the hour glass (glass glass)
A large hourglass turned over at that moment inside the Guild Ship, indicating that they were now under attack, and that the hyperjump engines were warming up for departure.
Ooh oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo ooh
The Moonlit Black Cat fired off another EMP stun round- striking the Guild Ship and disabling that escape route. Inside, Asuna growled, and barked orders to scramble the [Starfish Jets].
I Try to picture me without you but I can’t.
And then the Moonit Black Cat launched the vespas and vanships, which swarmed on the Guild Ship- many of them swooping into the just opening hangerbays and boarding the Guild Ship in a zerg rush that none saw coming.
‘Cause we could be Immortals (i-i-immortals)
The vespa containing our two heroes flew onwards through the hallways of the Guild Ship, flanked on either side by two other Vespas,  forcing Guild agents to duck and dive out of the way.
Just not for long (For Long)
The two enemy fleets saw an opportunity the moment they recovered, and began firing away- not at each other, but at the Guild Ship, adding to the damage ratings and prolonging the engine stun.
And Live with me forever Now,
The Vespas racing into the fray entered the Guild Ship observation deck, and the Navis from all three ships leaped out into action to fight the surprised Guild Agents.
Pull the blackout curtains down,
Our blond haired hero, [Eyugo], leaped towards Asuna, drawing out what looked at first to be a blaster of some kind, but with a flick of a switch, emitted a bright blue blade of light.
Just not for long (For Long)
Asuna quickly pulled out a small crystal shard from her sleeve, and transformed it into a similar blade of light, this one hued a faint steel grey, and then they clashed together in battle.
We could be Imooooor-Immortals
The young girl looked around in surprise- as well as delight- as her guard squad were quickly shot down by expert blasts from the Vespa pilots.
Imooooor-Immortals, Imooooor-Immortals,
Eyugo and Asuna traded sword blow after sword blow- with our blaster-sword toting hero taking pot shots with the blaster feature to force Asuna to keep her distance away from the girl she’d been tasked to guard.
Imooooor-Immortals (i-i-immortals)
The lead vespa landed near the girl, and the pilot pulled off her goggles to smile down at the girl, who cried out the pilot’s name with glee, “YUUKI-ONESAAN!” And then leaped into the Vespa’s open back with no hesitation.
Sometimes the only payoff, for having any faith,
On the command deck of the Moonlit Black Cat,  [Commanding Officer Klein] smirked as he heard that the girl had been successfully recaptured, and then have his orders to his fleet.
Is when it’s tested again and again every day.
Asuna yelled out and turned to face the now taking off Vespa, only to be tackled by Eyugo, who shoved her to the ground and sent her crystal-sword flying through the air, shrinking back into its compact form in the process…
I’m still comparing your past to my future,
And then the young girl piloting another Vespa caught it with ease and pocketed it. Asuna glared and burned in the girl’s ID tag into her memory- [Silica].
It might be your wound, but they’re my sutures.
More fire from the armies hit the now heavily crippled Guild Ship- one such blast hitting a Claudia reactor and causing the whole thing to explode, causing the ship to tilt dangerously on one side towards the far, distant ground.
Ooh oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo ooh
The tilt gave Asuna enough time to shove Eyugo off of her back, and he rolled away with a grin as he aimed his blaster-sword at her and fired off a few shots at a Guild Agent who was trying to right the reactor problems with the remaining engines- knocking him away with the first shot, and blasting the console apart with the second.
I am the sand at the bottom half of the hourglass (glass glass)
Asuna leaped at Eyugo then- trying to grab his sword away from him, only for another well timed strike to take out another Claudia engine, causing the entire room to shift to another direction, tilting that hourglass dangerously onto its side- and then it fell out of its holster and crashed against the tilting floor.
Ooh oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo ooh
Eyugo took it in stride and began running for his partners vespa- leaping onto that fallen hourglass and leaping off of it and into the air.
I Try to picture me without you but I can’t.
And then Asuna felt something sticking onto her back- she reached for it, but couldn’t quite peel it off before the timer on it hit zero and-
‘Cause we could be Immortals (i-i-immortals)
Dramatically, the bomb exploded, and the shockwave threw Eyugo forwards the remaining distance towards his vespa- where he landed on the side with a brilliant grin.
Just not for long (for Long)
With a roll of their eyes, [Yuuki] and the young girl helped pull him back into the Vespa’s seating.
And live with me forever now, pull the blackout curtains down,
The other Vespa Pilot, [Sachi] nodded once their navis had all returned to their ships, and then took aim at a glass wall- PCHOO! — Two missile strikes hit the wall and opened a hole to the outside, allowing the three Vespas to fly out with ease.
Just not for long (For Long)
They escaped- and as they did such, a barely-surviving Asuna glared at the hole in her ship as a new quest updated in her log. [ESCAPE! “The Exile Key has been-“]
We could be Immooooor-Immortals
And then Klein gave a broadwave to both armies- and it was done- all fire was concentrated on the Guild Ship’s remaining engines, and very quickly…
 Immooooor-Immortals (i-i-immortals)
The Guild Ship began to sink towards the ground, exploding into pieces as it finally lost buoyancy and a quest appeared to everyone else. [DECLARATION OF WAR!]
And Live with me forever now…
Yuuki and Eyugo looked on as they received a completely different quest…
Pull the blackout curtains down…
[LAST EXILE! “You’ve taken the Exile Key! Now find the Four Mysterion and ESCAPE!”]
We could be Immortals (i-i-immortals)
They smiled down at the girl between them, and she smiled right back. This time… this time would be Different.
Just not for long (For Long)
And with that, their small fleet of Vespas descended towards Prospit below, flying as fast as they could away from the battle before any Guild Ship reinforcements showed up.
We could be Immooooor-Immortals
Reinforcements that showed up indeed, mere moments later. And all ships turned fire on them immediately.
Immooooor-Immortals Immooooor-Immortals Immooooor-Immortals
However, this was no battle, as while Prospit and Derse’s fleets provided cover fire while retreating in their own separate directions, the Moonlit Black Cat turned tail and ran for the cloud layer, and disappeared beneath it moments later.
Inside the lead Guild Ship that had just arrived, [Heathcliff] merely frowned. “Well…that was a bold move.”

A Sword Art Online X Last Exile Cross Over.

A.N.: A bit of an appetite wetter, if you will. Heheh. :33


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