Lucky Numbers 46

Helvetica Standard: Clean Slate

This is one of those semi-rare times when something I write for one story can apply to others. I seem to like writing the same scenes from different sides from different perspectives in different stories. 0_o; This one is a little more obscure than others.


Rei was babysitting a friend’s youngest daughter, Merry. After getting her into the tub and wetting the wash cloth, Rei happend to pause on the wash cloth’s washing instruction tag.

“Wash Before Use, Machine Wash Cold, turn Garment Inside out-” She failed to scoff back a laugh, and soon both her and Merry were laughing their hearts out.

“It’s a washycloth!” The young girl beamed, “It only has two sides!”

“There’s more though!” Rei continued to read, “‘Do Not Iron Decoration’, What decorations?!” She held out the wash cloth and flipped it over bare side to bare side.

Not an image to be seen.

And so began another round of laughter between them.


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