Power Rangers Dino Charge Episode 1

Go Go Power Rangers, Don’t You Ever Stop….

Power Rangers Dino Charge released its first episode online today. I’m taking the time to do a brief review. 😛

TL;DR? *MAJOR* Breath of Fresh Air from the last four years. I mean…For starters the whole episode- sans opening credits- doesn’t have a single LICK of sentai footage in it! 0u0

Now, I love Kyoryuger and that’s not a secret, but *DAMN* if Chip’s writing and story planning hasn’t made a first episode even better than Kyoryuger’s!

Almost half of the episode is spent on back story of the Energems, ten glowy rocks that are this season’s equivilant to Dino Thunder’s Dino Gems. Probably sourced from the same place, given the glowy sound effects.

"Now they'll be safe." -Keeper

“Now they’ll be safe.” -Keeper

The Keeper (Or just “Keeper” as everyone refers to him!) is being chased by Sledge who is an ORIGINAL VILLAIN! 0u0 He may not be the prettiest chunk from the Bounty hunter gene pool, but he’s definitely an enjoyable character thus far! His Fiance is “Poisandra”, AKA Our version of Candelira. And can I just say? *WOW* is her personality completely different!!! After four years of straight up translated villain plots, excluding the small, family related plot with Prince Vekar, from the Sentai, this is a major wow moment! Right off the bat, she comes off as…well, she’s definitely not into Sledge for his good looks, and let’s leave it at that.

Our version of Aigaron is different too! Instead of being a guy who cries alot to disturb his enemies, Wrench actually comes off as a cowardly little man! Fury/Dogold is actually one of the only ones seen so far that seems majorly unchanged at first. The US Suit actor really got Dogold’s motions down pat in his arrival on pre-historic earth.

Dogold steals the capsule that normally hid the energems, and makes the mistake of not ensuring the Keeper was dead, and he returns to Sledge’s asteroid hauling space ship.

DinoCharge -  Escalation

Gosei and Zordon would Not Approve of the Keeper’s tactic of hiding a damaged crystal from the ship inside the container instead. Sledge and company don’t find it very funny either, as Sledge’s hard earned collection of Asteroids gets dislodged from the tractor beam and fall to earth…

DinoCharge - Escalation 2

That’s rights ladies and gents- the dinosaurs went extinct because the Keeper sent an explosive in the Energem’s place.

Fastforwards 65Million and a few centuries later to present day, we’re introduced to four out of five of the Core Five Power Rangers, along with our suspected 9th Ranger. The rest of the episode focuses mainly on our Red and Pink rangers- Tyler and Shelby, but even what little we see of the other three main cast members is lovable.

DinoCharge - Highly Trained

Koda (Blue) and Chase (Black) are goofballs despite being called “Highly Trained.”

“They hide it well,” Shelby said.

“You have no idea,” is the reply from future Violet.

Shelby and Tyler in respective ways come into contact with their Energems and are harassed by Debo Iceage…….er…. Wait, what is even his name? Meh. Debo Iceage it is for now!

Somehow Ice makes metal burn?

Somehow Ice makes metal burn?

Tyler deflects Iceage’s ice beams back at him… with a small digging shovel. As Amy would say, “Wow!” Somehow Ice makes metal burn! 0_0 who knew?

I’m just going to say that I am *STILL* Laughing just looking at that screenshot. I’m having a hard time writing even. Why is this paradox so funny? I don’t know. But if Dino Charge can pull off a joke like this consistently throughout the run, then I really don’t care either. XD

In the next scene, our heroes are frozen- Oh no! Iceage uses TWO Ice puns to book end the commercial break!- but break free thanks to the Energems! Then, mysteriously, Fossilized Gaburevolvers appear, and after putting the Energems inside…. BAM! Our two wayward teens quickly spin their way int0–

This Ain't No Samba

This Ain’t No Samba


Right down to the pointless but awesome circling around effect that always happened! One thing I really, REALLY liked from Kyoryuger was the weaponized morph blast! I really hope that Dino Charge uses it to decent effect if they’ve kept this part of the morph!

Dino Red and Pink give a brief smack down against Iceage, only for A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES!

DinoCharge - Gaburincho 2

Gabutyra—er– Trex Zord comes marching in and proceeds to…well…

"Let me go you overgrown Lizard!"

“Let me go you overgrown Lizard!”

Iceage gets flung out into the distance ala-team rocket (sans twinkle of light) and Gabutyra just walks off.

As cheesey as some of the earlier CGI looked, this one scene of Gabutyra throwing Iceage to the curb is *REALLY* pretty!  There’s this odd texture to the CGI that just seals it as real for me for some reason, even despite the previous screenshot not really looking all that great.

The episode ends on the cliff hanger of Tyler and Shelby driving back into town being stalked by… DOGOLD/FURY! Who was drawn down inside Tyler’s dad’s journal.

So we’re going this route then? Tyler’s Dad’s going to be #10/Silver?

Not that I don’t mind, but…what about Torin’s wings in the Torinity Strazor attack? Or will Tyler’s dad have been turned INTO Torin through some meddlesome Energem Magic? I guess we’ll find out soon enough…

But that said, I’m REALLY Psyched for Dino Charge’s next episode! If this is the kind of quality we can expect going forwards after Super Mega-mess, I’m all in! This episode’s held my interest all the way through, and the more I rewatch the odd CG scenes, the more I’m not wondering if it’s not a stylistic choice?

Luckyuro hasn’t had a US version yet, but the first (and presently only) time we’ve seen the crew so far has been *65 Million Years Ago*!!! That’s *PLENTY* of time for Sledge and Posiandra to actually get married and have a kid, ala Rita and Zed’s little Thrax. If they go the route of having Lucky being Sledge’s kid??? Whoooboy now *THAT* Would be a twist I would applaud Dino Charge for going for!

I’m eagerly awaiting the next Dino Charge episode, and I’ll definitely be rewatching this one again when it premiers on TV on the 7th! 🙂


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