[[Review]] BIG HERO 6


TL;DR: GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Seriously, just. GO SEE IT.

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Something that might not be common knowledge is that Big Hero 6 is a MARVEL property. That’s right. BH6 is a MARVEL Movie. I knew this going into the movie and had high expectations coming off of successes like Guardians of the Galaxy, the Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America series that tied into The Avengers. I was NOT let down.

Now, a casual image search on Google will reveal that the original Comic design looks nothing like what we see in the movie. Do NOT let that deter you. From what I hear, Marvel insisted that the Disney Animation Studios go with something unique, and wasn’t a straight adaptation.

The first scene establishes that right away- the story is not set in Japan, nor any part of the world you’ve likely heard of, but the Alternate Universe City of San Fransokyo. Basically, San Fransisco with a lot of Japanese influence after the earthquake that shook things up (this is not said in the movie, but was noted in an interview). You’re going to see a LOT of different and futuristic tech out there in this movie, and the City….

I just can’t do it justice with words.

Just trust me on this; San Fransokyo is *Beautiful.* They’ve apparently mastered wind turbine energy collection so well that they don’t need Windmills. Instead? There are floating air-ships with FANS in them, just floating above the city collecting all that air and sending it down via cables, it seems! Now that’s how you make Wind Power affordable!

San Fransokyo also seems to have an underground Bot Fight ring, which is where we’re introduced to Hiro, and can I just say right off the bat? He is quite the genius…as well as a bit of an actor as well. He plays a strategy of allowing a loss to let his opponent in the ring to lower his guard, and then…. Hiro’s little black-bot switches from a cheesy grin to a devilish smirk. Hiro’s opponent is quickly defeated, which….he doesn’t take so well. His goons, like any good Mafia-wannabes, try to take him out back, only for Hiro’s big-bro, Tadashi, to come to the rescue.

During the scene, there’s a moment where they race up a ramp on their bike, and Hiro sees his reflection in a window.

Once they get home, and we’re introduced to their Aunt Cas, Tadashi scolds Hiro for the Illegal Bot Fighting! We learn that their parents died when Hiro was three, and that apparently being smart runs in the family because both Tadashi and Hiro are both Tony-Stark levels of SMART.

We are then introduced to the rest of the team as Tadashi tries to convince Hiro to join the Super!Smart College that he goes to.

In rapid fire, we meet Gogo Tomago (“Welcome to the nerd lab.” *Bubble pop*), Wasabi (He spilled it on his shirt once), Honey Lemon (“That’s a lot of tungsten steel.” *Less than a Minute later, it’s a cloud of pink smoke*), and Fred (School Mascot) in scenes that establish their personalities and personal quirks. Also, we see certain projects that later will become their “powers” later on. Gogo’s anti-grav frictionless Bike wheels, for example.

Needless to say, Hiro is IMPRESSED. But Tadashi has one more thing to show Hiro.

Meet Baymax.

He’s designed as a personal health-care assistant and WOW is he good at his job. Without Baymax, the movie’s outcome would have been VERY bleak indeed.

After meeting Baymax, Hiro and Tadashi run into someone high up in the College’s ranks- the guy who actually CREATED the technology that Hiro worked into his little Black-Belt-Bot, however, he challenges Hiro that the school is only for those who want to change the world, if he’s fine where he’s at, he shouldn’t try to join.

Needless to say, this kick-starts the whole plot into high gear. Hiro’s entry project into the College rapidly goes from an overwhelming success, to the very saddest of moments (SPOILER: Tadashi dies in an explosion.) all within a few minutes. Hiro’s project- by the way- is stolen during this moment, and the Kabuki-Mask antagonist uses it to mysterious ends- mass producing them at the time that Hiro and Baymax stumble upon his hidden warehouse and discover that the accident was not so much of an accident. (Mass production is being done by what appears to be another stolen project.)

I’ll say one thing about Big Hero 6– the story’s Call Backs and Foreshadowing hints are IMPRESSIVE and SUBTLE. You’re likely not to see anything else like it outside of something like Homestuck, which heavily relies on foreshadowing and call backs in interesting ways.  There’s a scene when testing out Baymax’s new flight mode that Hiro catches sight of his reflection in a building’s window, a sadder echo of the earlier escape. Furthermore- Fred is more than just the Comic Book geek he appears to be when first introduced- apparently coming from money! (His parents own an “Island Home” that his dad apparently lives at full time!) You tend not to think much of this development, but it is paid off in FULL during the After-Credits scene, which proves all that much more how this is a Marvel Movie! (I’m not going to say anything else on the matter other than you have to SEE IT to believe it.)

There are a lot of emotional ups and downs through out the film, and I think I can firmly narrow down what this movie’s emotional core themes are: “Dealing with Grief” and “Self Sacrifice.” There’s a reason Baymax is a Personal Health Care Assistant, dealing not just with physical needs, but mental and emotional issues as well. The team really comes together right before the final charge against Kabuki-Mask.



Like I mentioned before, this movie has its call backs and foreshadowing moments that build up silently unless you’re paying close attention… and even then, one prominent one slipped by me until the very end of the movie, along with a few other smaller hints that slipped past on the first viewing. (Fred. Just… FRED)

If you enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy, or any Marvel film for that matter, you will LOVE Big Hero 6. The subtle little details in just about EVERYTHING help make it a cohesive whole and I can’t WAIT for it to come out on DVD so I can rewatch it and pause it and just take in *Every* little detail that I can.

So if you’re looking for a movie to watch tomorrow, look no further than Big Hero 6!


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