Autopsy of a Failed Xros Over Part 1.

So remember that Black Rock Shooter/Sword Art Online cross over I’d mentioned before?

Yeah. That pretty much caught fire in the oven and made a mess everywhere.

So what went wrong?


Easily it was the Best of the four drafts.

The story began with a dramatic opening prologue of BLACK ROCK SHOOTER chasing CHARIOT across Chariot’s Land of Sweets and Dolls, and then leaping in with an attack that would end her life.

Cue big fancy font title reading “OTHER WORLD ONLINE.”

Chapter one opens with ASADA, SHINO being asked to speak with the school’s recently hired Therapist, SAYA-CHAN-SENSEI. Shino is wary of Saya’s intentions, especially when Saya brings up Sword Art Online, calling the Survivors “Veterans”, and insinuating something strange that sets Shino’s warning flags off. She leaves, but not before running into KUROI, MATO, who Shino notices is wearing a strange, dark blue plastic collar around her neck. As Shino leaves, she hears Mato and Saya exchange words about what happened, with Saya brushing it off as nothing important.

Shino, frustrated by this encounter, logs into ALFHEIM ONLINE as SINON, where she runs into Dragon Tamer SILICA, who also has had a rough-ish day, outside of the Kirigaya Cabin. KIRITO and ASUNA, it is noted, are busy preparing for a CAMPING TRIP with YUI back in the real world. It is here that we get the timeline. This draft was to take place roughly after the conclusion of the ALICEIZATION arc, with ALICE having a robotic body and being in the real world. Yui is testing a new version of a similar robotic body that is supposedly going to work exactly like a human’s organic body would thanks to the NANOTECHNOLOGY running and managing the internal systems.

Sinon and Silica hunt mobs to work out their frustrations of the day, and make plans to go into GUN GALE ONLINE over the weekend as everyone else has PLANS. Before they log out, however, they receive an INVITATION over email to come to the DICEY CAFE to see Kirito, Asuna, and Yui off.

We have an intercut scene of SYSADMIN BLACK GOLD SAW in OWO, explaining the INCARNATION SYSTEM to those readers who haven’t read Aliceization, while also showing a scene of foreshadowing with her selecting names off of some student rosters shown on the usual VRMMO interface screens.

Shino, having logged out to eat dinner, hears a knock at her door, and discovers a large box with nothing but her name written on it. Inside is an AMUSPHERE with a custom BLACK AND WHITE checkerboard paint job, and a similar plastic collar to Mato’s, this time in a dull gold color. There is also a note inside that contains instructions to join the BETA TEST WEEKEND for Other World Online that Shino has just been invited to. She has until 10 PM the next night (Friday) to either accept or decline joining.

Shino calls Silica’s real self, AYANO, KEIKO, and asks if she received something similar. The answer is “NO”, but Keiko promises she’ll keep an eye open for it. End Chapter.

The Next day, at the Dicey Cafe, Kirito reveals that he, too, received a Beta Test Amusphere, but he’s giving it away to anyone who wants to use it because of the previously mentioned camping trip. Keiko jumps at the chance to take it, and she and Shino decide to full dive into the game that night over at Shino’s apartment. The rest of the Dicey Cafe scene is dedicated to some D’AAAAW moments with Yui in the Real world, as well as explaining how her internal systems (Managed by Nanomachines) can allow even a Robot to experience Car Sickness. Ew, I know, but SHINOZAKI, RIKA, A.K.A. LISBETH, finds it amazing how technology has evolved, and talks with Kirito about how that technology could benefit people in the real world, if Yui’s prototype body works the way everyone expects it to.

That night, Shino and Keiko register for the Beta Test, noting the strangeness that comes from the Neck-Collar having a retinal scanner on its inside edge, as well as the oddity of having to wear the damned thing all throughout the beta test weekend, even when not in Full Dive. There are some likening remarks to the SAO Incident, and Shino’s instincts are warning her that this could be a very bad idea. But, they dive in, and create new characters in a sequence that shows Shino imagining her GGO avatar’s appearance in stages, and Keiko trying to do the same with her ALO avatar, only to succeed in screwing it up by getting distracted with a mental image of PINA, her pet dragon from SAO, and causing a transformation that is completely different from what she wanted in the first place, becoming a Dragon-Girl hybrid instead of a Cat-Girl hybrid.

Sinon is separated from Silica by spawning in different places- Sinon arriving in a Land of Bullets and Caves, and Silica being pulled out of the SPAWNING POOLS by a girl with a green theme about her, as well as some skeletal looking hands. This is DEAD MASTER, and she serves as a Veteran from older tests to help explain the system mechanics to Silica. The ETHICS CODE, a staple in all other Seed VRMMOS, is disabled, as well as a lack of a FRIENDS LIST and the MESSAGING SYSTEM. Silica decides to ask Dead Master for help in finding Sinon.

Dead Master agrees to do such. As an ALPHA TESTER, Dead Master shows off her better honed skills by summoning her Scythe and a GIANT FLYING SKULL named BOB with INCARNATION CHANTS, and then they fly off in the direction of Dead Master’s Land, of Skulls and Scythes, or something to make the acronym “LOSAS,” to get a better lay of the continually changing landscape. We get introduced to the map system, showing several of the Alpha Tester’s large Lands, as well as many new smaller, recently added and still being added Lands to the Landscape. Silica also gets used to flying on her new feather covered wings during this time while Dead Master explains that the Admins were trying something new with the land generation system, in the process, revealing a fact that Silica- and Sinon as well- was unaware of.

You cannot permanently log out of the game.

Doing such causes a “Split Personality”, an OTHERSELF, to be created, who under normal circumstances must stay in the game during the test as their mind is basically “Uploaded” to the Game Server…or so it seems at first. Sinon attempts to log out to figure out where they should meet up in game by talking with Keiko IRL, but runs into this very large problem of a “TUGGING” Sensation trying to pull her back into the game.

Upon getting the three of them together again, Dead Master brings everyone into the loop of what’s going on by inviting them all into a sort of inter-connected headspace at a slightly accelerated time frame. Inside that space, the Waking Selves and Other Selves are able to converse together, and we find out that TAKANASHI, YOMI, Dead Master’s waking self, had NOT joined the game willingly. Her friend KAGARI, Chariot’s Otherself, had been a Pre-Alpha tester, and was working with Saya-chan-sensei before she transfered to Shino’s and Yomi’s school (Keiko remarks that Yomi’s mental image of herself is wearing the same school uniform that Shino wears).  Kagari had let something she shouldn’t slip out in casual conversation, and as ‘punishment’, Kagari had to force Yomi into the game by putting an Amusphere and Linker combo on the girl when she wasn’t expecting it.

Saya is the person behind the Admin Black Gold Saw, and is seemingly working to create an army of Resentful Otherselves that will suddenly Overthrow their Wakingselves, and take over the world. Yomi/Dead Master then teaches Silica/Keiko and Shino/Sinon the technique that is being kept hidden from the rest of the testers- to “Reverse Dive” the otherself back into their real body.

Interspersed through this chapter would be scenes showing Mato struggling to keep an increasingly angry and rampaging Black Rock Shooter in check. Mainly, it shows the PVP system. Killing an Otherself inside their land will cause a “Portion” of that land to become owned by the killer, namely a circular radius around where the death occurred. By the time Mato would be Logging in during the same time as the others were at the cafe, we would get a scene showing Mato stopping BRS from killing Chariot again (LOSAD looks a lot like Swiss Cheese by the time Silica and Dead look at the maps), and allowing Chariot to kill her instead. At the end of the chapter as Dead/Yomi teaches the technique, BRS performs a violent version of a reverse dive, showing the “Wrong Way”, as it were, by ripping a glowing cube (A FluctLight) out of her chest, and throwing it into a pool of water nearby.

Rock then simply Logs Out, waking up in the real world without Mato floating around inside her head, and then she *Pulls* the collar around her neck apart- literally breaking the hinges and locks, and leaving sparking wires poking out of the broken ends. Also, we see a scene of a small, silvery substance pouring out of a broken container onto the bed/floor.

End Chapter.

Over night, making use of the split identites thing, Dead takes Silica to create her own land, and Sinon confronts an “Inner Demon” that the Land spawned for her to fight to progress and grind her Incarnation skills with.

Silica and Dead meet with an Old Geezer type NPC with strange eyes (Gear patterns) compared to the Otherselves (White circles in solid colored eyes). He runs the Land Generation Program, and strikes up a conversation with Dead over how long it’s been since he last saw them.

Meanwhile, Shino and Keiko log into ALO to meet with ARGO and Yomi’s ALO avatar, MIDORI, to discuss the game and any rumors floating on the internet. Argo reveals that there have been some strange events occurring in ALO that seem to be building to some kind of new update.

Sinon faces a hallway of Shino’s past come back to haunt her, only in a much more terrifying way. (Multiple clones of the same shooter from her childhood, for example, all acting like a horde of zombies.) Another trial seems to be a series of paths leading to different doors through to a different time. An alternate reality where that shooter was a really bad man who had done more crimes than just that one robbery of a post office, and Shino’s killing of him had earned her a hero’s status world wide due to his international crimes. Note that we never hear his full name, which Sinon finds odd. One door is Shino as a kid watching a news report, a second door is a repeat of GGO with Sinon being much more well adjusted, and the third is a grave stone with Kirito’s name on it under a tree.

Upon seeing each of the three rooms, and returning to the center, a black haired Asuna clone attacks Sinon, blaming her for getting Kirito killed. Sinon then fights back against a randomly changing weapon with the Photon Sword that Kirito had given her GGO avatar, and that Shino had recreated from memory during character creation.

As the fight progresses, this Cloned Asuna starts turning into a giant Floor Boss from SAO- something Shino had never seen before, Something akin to a hybrid between Illfang and Gleam Eyes. Sinon makes a realization about what this was all about (That I wasn’t too happy with wording wise), and summons her Hecate II rifle in defense of her younger self when the battle spills into that room.

Killing this wild-misinterpretation of Asuna causes Sinon’s avatar to be renamed in both OWO and ALO at the same time- becoming “HECATE“, a goddess of Multiple Paths in some mythology. We learn from Yomi that this is why her Otherself is called Dead Master and not “Midori”, as when they had defeated their first “Inner Demon”, it had caused a similar rename to accompany the new powers that she had gained.

It is then that the cube, that BRS ditched in her breakout, ‘hatches’ inside the pool of water, causing the entire OWO server to forcibly kick the Otherselves into their waking selves while the Cardinal AI in charge of OWO tries to figure out what is going on by this sudden influx of data.  Simultaneously, ALO spontaneously goes down for an overnight maintenance, also forcing players offline!

Everyone ends the night (and chapter) with the agreement to meet up the next morning IRL to discuss what happened.

It is now SATURDAY. We open this day and chapter with Rock pretending to be Mato (and not really succeeding), and heading out shopping to get ‘new’ clothes that would fit her better. She heads to a mall where, as was to be previously established, Lisbeth and HIYORI (AKA LUX, introduced in the G.O. manga) are shopping. They pass each other without incident, although it serves to state that Liz is annoyed that the ALO servers are still down and she couldn’t log in to get her crafting supply mails like she usually does every morning.

Rock buys a LOT of different clothing than what Mato usually wears (Hint: everything pretty much matches the usual BRS outfits. Short shorts, short shirts, long boots, although no jackets, because it’s noted to be summer and thus MUCH too warm for jackets to be used), and then continues out into town to meet up with another OWO Otherself that she had previously made plans with as a contingency, (First we are hearing of this, yes, but it’s important to note,) as she thinks the servers went into lockdown because of her  escape, and the the OWO admins are going to be hunting her down. (Hence the change in wardrobe, attempting to change how she looks IRL.)

We then cut to Shino, Keiko, Yomi, and Argo’s waking self, SHIORI, KANA, in a cafe, discussing in a recap all that they knew about the situation. The sequence shows that when an Otherself speaks through their wakingself’s bodies, their eyes transform into that gear-pattern that we first saw on the NPC. The four girls speculate how this is possible, but ultimately have no clue what could have caused it all.

As they leave the cafe, they pass by Rock, who both Shino and Yomi notice is wearing one of those “Liquid scarfs,” that supposedly are designed to keep you cool during hard work, around her neck. However, what Yomi finds odd is that she knows Mato normally doesn’t dress like she is, and Dead recognizes the outfit more prominently as the Black Rock Shooter otherself.

They go in to confront the girl, but she is gone. Nowhere to be scene. As they search the cafe, they hear a motorcycle, and then one of them watches as Mato rides off on the back of some guy’s motorcycle into the distance.

This guy, as we soon learn through flash back, was named RON, and his Otherself is SNAKE EYES, who has the power to turn into a giant snake in the Otherworld. He, like Rock, has disposed of his Waking Self,  but in a different way from Rock, which has allowed Mato to resurrect inside the game.

We then cut to the personal avatar of the Cardinal System, STRENGTH, as she rescues Mato from the pool, and escorts her into a meeting of the various Seed VRMMO Cardinal Avatars. All other avatars differ experience towards the full Cardinal system that runs ALO, which has two avatars instead of one, one representing SAO and one ALO. As they discuss what to do about this situation, KING KIRITO, from the Underworld/Aliceization arc, appears, explaining that GHOST KAYABA is currently busy with a satellite that the admins for OWO are messing with.

We end the chapter with Rock and Snakeyes stalking Kagari and her family, with Rock preparing a rock to throw.

We open the next chapter with Kagari/Chariot calling Yomi up and telling her about how the rock had broken her dad’s arm and she was afraid that Rock was coming after her in reality because the rock had a star carved onto it- with a star being BRS’s personal symbol. OWO’s servers have come back up, however, and SinonHecate and Dead Master go into Chariot’s land to talk to Kagari while Keiko/Silica and Argo work on tracking the girl down IRL.

A fight ensues with Rock and Snake Eyes already attacking Chariot’s land, Hecate fights with Rock, and Dead Master tries to get Chariot away from Snake Eyes.

Snake pulls his transformation bit, and manages to kill Chariot, dislodging her crown in the process even as Dead Master beheads him. Rock grabs the crown, and follows up with a transformation into INSANE BLACK ROCK SHOOTER, however, during the middle of the fight, STR and Mato show up, attempting to reunite the split selves. Rock has nothing of it, and practically explodes a decent chunk of LOSAD into floating rocks. A Rock-Hop fight ensues as Rock changes tactics to try to off Mato, and then inadvertently stabs her left hand into Dead Master’s chest- giving us a flash back to seeing Yomi hacking into the OWO admin side of their Website, only to get an instant message from an unknown ID “Kirito-oh” Or King Kirito, who informs Yomi that he would be sending someone in to deal with the situation.

Rock is amused by this development, and turns on Hecate, assuming her to be the one sent in, and pulls the same memory trick as before to find out who Kirito is.

She gets the wrong boy, however, discovering that Kirito is out CAMPING, but not WHERE. She then logs out using a disruption technique, and leaves Dead Master, Hecate, STR, and Mato alone to figure out what just happened. STR explains that the Crown was an ADMIN item, given to Chariot by her Admin lover who I only just realized now that I should have mentioned earlier in this autopsy. Whoops. Trust me, he was there. I just forgot to mention it until now >_<; Basically, the crown was something that shouldn’t have been removed from the game and now that it HAS, they’ve got a bigger problem than a rogue otherself in the real world.

STR says that she’s going to send an associate of hers to meet up with Hecate and Dead Master in the real world at Mato’s house IRL, which she then gives them the address to.

We open the next chapter meeting KOUTARI, YU, a strange, sort of soul-less girl who works for the OWO Company, (Again, I should have mentioned before but it’s called CheckFlag), but is left out of the loop of most things and instead is sort of a caretaker to the OWO Cardinal system, acting as the system’s eyes and ears in the real world. They enter Mato’s house, and explain the situation as best as they can to her mother. They find out that Mato’s bedroom door is locked, and while Shino and Yomi go to distract Mato’s mother with calling a carpenter (At Yu’s request), Keiko and Argo watch as Yu breaks the door down with a single punch and a flash of orange flames, similar to an Incarnation effect in the game.

They search the room, and after some prodding from Argo, Yu explains that she was the first Otherself experiment gone wrong- the connection broke and the Otherself was left inside the real body while the original Yu’s soul was seemingly lost inside the Server- potentially stuck inside the game as the Cardinal A.I. (thus accounting for some oddities that the Admins couldn’t correct in the game system). However, the question of what that attack was leads to the reveal of how the current Otherself system actually works, as well as how Yu’s body is still alive after such a tragic accident.

It’s the Nanites, as previously mentioned in Yui’s body, that allow for the Otherself project to even work. They allow for game skills to transfer into reality, and are why the crown MUST be recaptured. they are also why the eyes change shape.

I wasn’t happy with this delivery of dialogue, and thought I should be holding the nanites reveal back until later. Or maybe even just put it up front at the beginning. Thus, I abandoned around this point and started Draft 2.

For those interested, however, here is the rest of the plan for Draft 1.

They would figure out that Rock and Eyes went after Kirito, and chase after them. They would arrive somehow before those two did, but not by much, as they would then appear and cause an attack, with their goal being to kill Kirito to prevent him from stopping their plans.

Rock, IRL, would then use the crown to transform into IBRS in reality- and it’s ROUND TWO for her verses Shino/Hecate. However this time, Keiko is there to help her. Meanwhile, Yomi, Yu, and Argo try to get Kirito, Asuna, and Yui as far away from SnakEyes as possible. Not easy when he’s a giant snake, mind you.

With the reveal of these tactics, however, our heroes use their latent skills with the Incarnation system to transform into their Otherselves in reality, all except Argo, mind you, as she hasn’t been infected with the things. (She helps lead the others away while Yomi and Yu put the giant snake down for good.) Shino and Keiko bring Rock down, but capture her alive because she has the crown.

They follow Yu to the CheckFlag main office, while Argo stays with Kirito and Co, and then run into Saya-chan-sensei…Who acts grateful for the crown recovery, and she really is, but not for the reasons that our heroes expect at first.

Turns out Saya and Rock planned the whole thing to get the crown into reality so that way they could activate the satellite in orbit, which launches a signal globally, activating thousands of hidden nanite stores around the world and launching a giant TERRAFORMING EVENT, clearing the worlds atmosphere of pollutants, and vastly transforming the landscape into the various Game Worlds represented by the Seed VRMMOs. World governments would be collapsed, the nanites would work to actively prevent large bodies of people from ever gaining enough of a foothold to control any large portion of land ever again.

As this happens, a final fight occurs, with our heroes trying to stop it before its too late. Yu pulls a heroic sacrifice by allowing STR from the OWO server to jump into her body and overtake her, allowing for one final hacking attempt to shut down the server.

However, it all is for naught as Saya-as-Gold Saw cuts the access terminal in half, stopping every attempt to stop this cold.

And thus an explosion of rainbow clouds later, the Earth as it had been known ended- nanites infect every human on the planet, as well as bringing every virtual world into a physical existence, translating even NPCs into full fledged humans.

The Otherworld is now the Real World, with Japan specifically having been replaced with Alfheim Online and the Castle Aincrad.

And with that note, the story would have ended, with room for a sequel, perhaps.

This was the best draft out of all of them and got the furthest to the end. I don’t know why I didn’t continue it to the end. Maybe someone else will want to take this one up and try their hands at it.

Stay tuned for Part 2.


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