Questioning a Story Arc

So I’m at a cross roads at the moment.

I’ve entered a Third Draft on the Sword Art Online/Black Rock Shooter cross over story that I’ve been working on. I’ve made less and less progress with it as I’ve gone on and I’ve come to the conclusion that what I’ve got here is a basic Concept of an Idea, but no real plot to go for it.

As far as drafts go, the first draft got the furthest along, and holds up well until a certain plot point. The Second Draft decided to abandon that mystery and state things up right and then…things just get contrived. The Third Draft just….eurgh. Don’t get me started.

So I guess what I’m asking here is should I Abandon it? Go for one more Draft? (Radical overhaul of the plot. Will likely bear no resemblance to the original idea) Or Put it up for Adoption? (If I do that I’ll Post what I have on AO3 and let someone else try their hand at it.)



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