[O.C.] Talking to a Wall

Sometimes it feels like everyone talks to a wall.

Sure, the wall can talk, but there are times that it just feels like you’re talking and the wall just isn’t listening.

Then you make an assumption about what the wall is thinking and suddenly the wall explodes at you for some innocuous thing that you just can’t figure out why.

You don’t realize right away that maybe the wall was frustrated with other things in its life. That maybe there are so many other people talking and making assumptions that the wall is just cracking and cracking and finally.

You realize that the wall isn’t a wall- but a dam.

And now the wall has burst and the water is pouring out, threatening to wash away everything in its path and take out just about everything in a torrent of words and emotions and rage.

Then there are the People who know nothing about the wall, and assume something about the wall’s character from it’s collapse.

But is that the wall’s fault? Or is it the people’s for not taking the time to understand that the wall has its own thoughts and feelings and it just doesn’t want to share them.

What can you do with a wall to a dam that keeps so much pressure locked up inside it? What can you do when the wall starts to break? What if the wall doesn’t even notice that itself is breaking down to the point of collapse?

Patch it? Can it truly be patched?

But then there comes that moment when the cracks are simply too much.

The Dam is Gone.


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