Sooo. What have I been up to lately writing wise?

Up front on the main burner is a Sword Art Online/Black Rock Shooter Xros-Over story. I’ve gotten to chapter 8 on it….but sadly I just realized that the plot line has broken badly and is starting to feel rather convoluted. I’m going to ditch this current version as the “1.5 Draft” and start work on a “2.0” draft today. You can see some early concept art for first draft Otherself designs Here, here, and Here. A potential Second Draft Silica can be seen here.

On the right side burner, bubbling slowly, is more XWAU02 multiverse continuations. Some people have been clamoring for a Kyoryuger 100 Years After adaptation, and I’m working on that slowly, as it takes place chronologically after I finish up with the Thundering Wing story.  All I’m going to say right here and now is that *actual* time travel is out of the picture. You’re going to probably see more of this come out before you see the Xros Over story.

On the left side burner is more Elder Scrolls Online fanfiction, continuing nicely at a safe simmer. That’s coming out at a more rapid fire pace than anything else, so be sure to keep an eye out for more of it first on Entering Skyrim. Also: A long time project, the Krately House Video, is just in the final stages. Waiting on a few ADR lines before that timer goes *DING* and it can be served up.

On the faar back burners are the third story for the Un-Go universe that I started and some more Nichijou Lucky Numbers. Don’t expect anything for a while on the Un-Go front. Lucky Numbers, same deal, but that’s mostly just dependent on my own inspirations for it.


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