ESO- Familiar Ties

Xros Posted from Entering Skyrim.

The plan to invade Coldharbor was set to start any day now, that much this one knew fairly well.

The Rat and the Traveler; both of them wanted all three of us to charge into it together, and after the success of destroying the Mortum Vivicus… well, this one will admit she still had some reservations, but even so… This one agreed to join in on that plan.

The only way that such a plan could be pulled off was to get the three Alliance leaders to agree to the Mages’ Guild and Fighters’ Guild entering alone. Working out the logistics of such a meeting would take some time, however…and it was during that time that the Rat made a startling declaration.

“I’m tired of running from Hircine,” She said one night while we were in a small bar in Dune, a town to the eastern edge of Reaper’s March that had recently been attacked by Daedra.

“You mean…?” The Traveler seemed concerned. This one will admit that she felt…left out of some unseen detail. Hircine was the lord of the Hunt, but why would such a being be hunting the Rat?

“I’m going to find a shrine and flat out confront him,” she declared, leaving many words unsaid that made the Traveler uneasy.

“Alright,” He said, “but we’re going with you in case something goes wrong.”

And so, through fate or coincidence, on the night of the full moons, Jone and Jode shining down brightly from above, the three of us went to the nearest shrine of Hircine. What luck would have it that there was an Altmer woman waiting for us. This one was surprised, however; she recognized the woman as a simple bar-tender from a town back in Marbruk.

“You’re sure you want to do this?” Were the first words out of her mouth upon seeing the Rat.

“I need to do this,” was all that the Rat replied, removing her armor even as the Traveler held this one back at a ‘safe’ distance. There were questions this one had, that were quickly answered…

Before This One’s eyes, the Altmer seemed to explode as her body transformed with a roar and a howl- becoming a mighty werewolf in the span of an instant- chomping her mighty jaws down on the Rat, and sending blood everywhere.

And then This One understood absolutely Nothing.

The Traveler explained, that since escaping Coldharbor, the Rat had been pursued by the Wolf- the beast within- from a skull of the hound in a cell, to the strange behavior of various wolves across the Aldmeri Dominion, and even being able to confront so many werewolves on her own without being transformed by their many bites and scratches.

The werewolf that had done the deed had even remarked how hard it was to infect the Rat in the first place- having had to cause so much damage and to loose so much blood before the infection took hold… And once it had, the Rat had picked up a scroll from thin air, read it, and then vanished into a portal.

The Traveler said, “She’s tired of fighting off Hircine at every turn, so she’s gone to face him…” as if it were some mundane confrontation between her and a Bandit. “Either she comes back and asks me to cure her, or she comes back and we use this against Molag Bal.”

“That’s her reasoning?” this one had asked.

“Before we came here, she told me that if this Werewolf haunting is a sign of things to come, she would rather take the choice willingly rather than be forced into it,” He answered. “And if Hircine can explain away why she’s been haunted by these signs… if it’s not his doing…”

It took an hour before the portal opened again and the Rat stepped forwards, clad in the same armor as before, and yet somehow seeming completely different. It wasn’t a change to the armor itself, this one understood then, but simply the way the Rat wore it. The way she walked, the way she held her body…

And then she hugged this one and the Traveler both- and with barely a whisper, said. “I was born with it.”

Five words that said thousands more.

The Rat thanked the werewolf that had bitten her, and then we left, even as the wolf slipped away into the forest to hunt down some unfortunate tigers.

As we mounted our horses, and headed back to Dune, the Rat told her tale.

“My parents were werewolves when my mom got pregnant with me. They cured themselves when they found out, wanted to raise me normal…” She sighed. “Hircine said that I kept enough of the wolf in me to be considered a werewolf by others, but not actually enough to transform, not even enough to be detected through those wolf tests of yours either. It was a spiritual infection, not a physical one, which is why I couldn’t get accidentally infected. I had to get bitten intentionally- I had to allow it to happen…  So whatever Molag Bal stole from my soul was suppressing that small part of  it in me. Without it, the wild began to call out. Which was why everything started to point towards that one result.”

“So what now?” The Traveler asked.

“Hircine gave me the full transformation,” The Rat replied. “I’ll have to work to control it… to get used to everything that being a werewolf entails… But I’m going to use it against Molag Bal. When we go to Coldharbor, I’m going to take the wolf inside, and I’m going to rip apart his plans with my own claws and teeth. I’ll make him regret stealing what he did, because he’s unleashed a monster he can’t put back into the box.”

“I meant about your parents,” The Traveler sighed. “Are you going to tell them?”

This one caught the somber look in the Rat’s eyes. Sadness- grief- something she was holding inside having learned about this part of her family history…

“About twelve years back, I was at a school distant from home, and they were coming to visit me, said they had a surprise for me…” She admitted. “They never showed up. I’m pretty sure they died in an accident of some kind, but I never learned what way they were traveling to come see me, so I haven’t been able to investigate and find out for sure…”

“Oh-” The Traveler sent an awkward glance my way. Hah. No way. This one shook her head. After the way this one grew up… no, he couldn’t possibly be thinking. “Silica, how old are you?”

No. No No no noooooo NO WAY.

“You can NOT be serious,” This One replied. “Just because I’m a Breton too and just because I lost my parents to a thrice damned Boating accident…!

“How old were you when you were found on Khenar–“

“Calum, let it go,” the Rat said. “It doesn’t matter. Not right now.” she looked up at the moons. “We have a mission to take care of now. We’ve got to take down Molag Bal and once we do that… then we can worry about whether I have a long lost sibling or not.”



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