Concerning Guild Structure — ESO

LOREBOOK DISCOVERED: Concerning Guild Structure

(Don’t worry, It’s Argo’s Official Report, sa!)

It is my hope that with the publication of this report that the people of Tamriel- both civilians and those new recruits to their respective Guilds- will be able to understand the events that caused such a radical shake up in the Fighter’s Guild structure.

My name is Argo the Rat, and I am writing this report to set into words the month-spanning events following the Daedric invasion in the Earth Forge, during which we had attempted to craft a weapon that could prove useful to foiling a certain Daedric Prince’s plans. Depending on when you read this, it may surprise you to learn that Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of douchebaggery- and yes, I know that is not his official title- has been attempting to merge our world (Nirn/Tamriel) with that of his own realm (Coldharbour). We of the Fighter’s Guild have been working tirelessly to fight off his Dark Anchors and foil Molag Bal’s plots where-ever they may surface.

It may also surprise you to learn that Molag Bal has also been capturing souls of many thousands, but to what end and for what purpose? At the time of writing this, we still do not truly understand what the Mortum Vivicus was intended to be used for, and we may now never learn, as the device has been destroyed with no hope of recovery. All that we know is that the souls he captured have been fed into a device that looked superficially like a giant glowing mass of energy. Our Ancient Elf ancestors whose ruins span all of Tamriel once fought against this device, and nearly succeeded in destroying it.

At the time of our attempted crafting of the Prismatic Core, a mercenary friend of mine who I had hired for the job discovered Daedric runes seemingly copied from the Dark Anchors engraved into the floor mere moments before Molag Bal’s undead forces raided the Earth Forge. Together, she, I, and Merric at-Aswala managed to fight off a summoned Lich Queen, and prevented the Prismatic Core from falling into Molag Bal’s hands. Upon closer inspection of the runes, we discovered that they had been recently carved into the metal work that was the floor, and that someone who had done it must have been someone in the Fighter’s Guild itself.

Soon, we were confronted with another shocking development- the previous Guild Master, Jofnir Iceblade, appeared before us as a ghost, and declared that he had been murdered- but before he could say who, his spirit was whisked away. Aelif- a close companion of Merric’s- was chosen to run the investigation into the murder. Soon after these revelations, however, the then-current Guild Master, Sees-All-Colors, vanished. Suspicion soon fell upon her, even before Aelif summoned Jofnir’s spirit, and interrogated him for answers, revealing Sees-All-Colors as the culprit.

In combination with the discovery of sabotage, her actions were previously suspect, having fallen into an altercation with my mercenary friend that seemed out of character to most of us in the Guild.

A plan was crafted, Aelif would open a portal to track Sees-All-Colors, after using another summoning spell to get the location out of Jofnir’s spirit. It should be noted at this time, however, that each time his spirit was forced to appear, rather than forcing himself to appear, Jofnir seemed…. angry. Almost as if not himself. Or even perhaps still under the control of another being. And even as he attempted to impart what I considered to be crucial information regarding Sees-All-Color’s motives, his spirit was dispersed.

The Prismatic Core was inserted into a weapon, and we took it along with our trip to search after Sees-All-Colors in assumption that she was an agent of Molag Bal and was intentionally sabotaging the Guild’s contract to hunt anchors. Merric, Aelif, Myself, a Bosmer from the Mage’s Guild, and my Mercenary friend traveled into Molag Bal’s realm to hunt Sees-All-Colors down. There- our then-current Guild Master revealed that she was a servant of a Daedric Prince, but not the one that we had been lead to assume.

Meridia. Beacon of light- vanquisher of necromancy and darkness- as “Good” of a Daedric Prince(ss) as you’ll ever find- and the “Mysterious Benefactor” of the Dark Anchor contract.

Sees-All-Colors was, it turned out, a priestess of Meridia, and had been leading the hunt to halt Molag Bal’s plane-melding plans. The current stage of destroying the Mortum Vivicus was foreseen by our then-current guild Master in a vision- leading her through a complex path through Oblivion to that moment in which we had followed. Our then-current Guild Master had only arrived mere moments before we had.

It was then that Aelif’s true colors had been revealed- as we had suspected after the ‘befouled’ attempts to summon Jofnir’s spirit- she was a true agent of Molag Bal, and had been working to sabotage our efforts the entire time, unknowingly helping us by leading us after Sees-All-Colors as she hunted the Vivicus. A battle ensued- Aelif’s corpse lay on the ground as a twisted mockery of her former self, and the four of us, plus Sees-All-Colors, returned to the Fighter’s Guild to explain all that had transpired to the Guild Council.

At the time of publication, Sees-All-Colors has been made the Guild’s “Light” regarding all maters Daedra, and is to advise our Guild Leader, Merric at-Aswala, on all matters Daedra.


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