Lucky Numbers 45

Pattern Breaker.


“You want me…” Yuuko looked to her driving instructor, “to drive that?” She pointed at the large van that they were going to be using for the day. “But what about the small car we’ve been using!?”

“Someone else is using it today, and besides, it will be good for you to try something new!” The driving instructor gave her classic ten point smile.

The van was an older model- by at least four years- than the car she’d been practicing with.

‘OhGodOhNoOhPleaseDon’tLetMeCrash,’ Yuuko gulped as she sat in the driver’s chair, everything was different, yet the same. Mirrors adjusted- seat adjusted- hands on wheel at ten and two…

Or was it nine and six? Eleven and One?

“Easy, Aioi-chan,” the Instructor saw her panic and tried to calm her. “Let’s just give it a try, and ease into it, like we did with the car. Remember how paniced you were when we first started?”

Yuuko nodded- saying nothing although her mind was racing thirty miles per hour.

“Just a simple Figure Eight loop,” was the course, “around the local streets.”

And it was a simple loop- the whole ordeal was over in less than ten minutes…

It felt like a life time for Yuuko.

The whole van shook with the slightest bump, the brakes squealed and required SO much more pressure to even come to a stop, and the accelerator seemed to stick and wanted to keep pushing her forwards faster and faster even though she’d taken her foot off of the gas…

When they parked, Yuuko got out shaking her head, muttering “Never again, never again…Not doing that ever again…”

The Driving Instructor sighed, “Back to square two then, Aioi-chan?”


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