Orrery Fight — ESO

See a rough story board version HERE!

Conservator Daraneth frowned.

The Orrery consoles were reading the improper energy levels for the process to correctly work.

“Hmm… I’m picking up some strange energy fluctuations from these controls,” She turned to her companion, “Silica, dear, would you mind getting a direct reading for me if this keeps up? Rajiin’s Mantle should keep you safe from any magical side-effects…just so long as you don’t activate it for more than five minutes, I think.”

“Alright,” Silica nodded, “I’ll give it a try.” And with that, she knelt down to pick up the mystic artifact from Daraneth’s bag. Rhajiin’s Mantle was a powerful Khajiitii artifact that could allow the user to split into as many clones as they wanted. It had been collected in an attempt to use it for activating the Orrery itself, but due to it’s inherent instability, it made its users go insane, and so had been put to the side due to an abundance of extra hands.

Silica glanced towards the two pillars in the back of the room, where the Rat and the Traveler were controlling the delicate Ayelid Machinery as best as they could. ….They both seemed strangely in synch somehow. Eh…probably after effects of the party the night before; someone had ended up spiking the punch and most people ended up waking up the next morning with barely any memories the night before, usually either in as little clothing as possible or none at all. And yet those two…

Silica shook her head as she slipped the Mantle on over her existing armor.

Those two had come waltzing in somehow strangely in synch and neither would say a thing about why.

“Annnd…Bridges are dropping!” Daraneth called out just as the bridges dropped down onto the stairwells with a THUD.

Queen Ayrenn seemed to snap to attention from a hungover haze, and she looked at the Orrery in surprise, “Is it ready?”

“I think so,” Her brother, Naemon, remarked as he shuffled to his right somewhat.

“Hold up, everyone!” Daraneth called out, “We’ve got some stray power readings here. I just want to make sure these instruments are working properly, then we can begin.” She nodded towards Silica, and Silica nodded back.

A quickly as possible, Silica made her way towards the stairs, as she did such, she looked to the Rat, who was conversing with the Traveler. A faint tugging at the back of her mind from the Mantle whispered to her, “You fool, don’t turn your back to them!! You’ll be betrayed!”

“Pft,” She tried to contain her laughter, and it drew attention from below.

The Traveler looks up at her questioningly, and she shrugs.

The Rat just smiles encouragingly.

The Mantle was just trying it’s paranoia tactics. Silica knew better than to listen.

“LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!” The mantle screamed.

Silica hesitated just a few steps to the top, and looked over her right shoulder.

Prince Naemon was throwing his hand into the air, casting a magical spell from his assigned spot at— the bottom of the stairs leading from the podium?? “And now,” He yelled, “the Aelyid Death trap will see if one of us here is worthy of being Emperor!”

Silica reached for her daggers- but a moment too late, a giant bubble appeared around her- and not just her, a second glance confirmed, but everyone else in the room!

“Naemon! What are you doing!?” Queen Ayrenn yelled out.

Naemon chuckled as he began climbing one of the other two stairwells. “Now now, sister, you don’t think I’d let some young girl screw this up for you, would I? We need to test the Orrery to make sure it’s safe!”

Ignore the young remark- “STOP!” Silica punched at the shield around her, “You Idiot! We don’t know if it’s stable! THIS IS MY JOB, NOT YOURS!!!”

Prince Naemon entered the Orrery, and he began to call out about seeing the White Gold Tower…! And then suddenly- his proclamations of victory shifted to that of terror as the Orrery spat him out onto a Transmutation circle that appeared on the floor- and then he was yelling profanities at his own sister and the Aldmeri Dominion, blaming her for what was happening to him and—

—He emerged as a Giant Ogrim.

“USE RAJIIN’S MANTLE!” Daraneth yelled up to Silica, “YOU CAN’T BE HELD IN PLACE WITH IT!”

With a faint nod, and no hesitation at all, Silica focused on the Mantle, “Break this Bubble!”

“With Pleasure,” The Mantle responded in kind, and with a roar- Silica popped the bubble around her.

Naemon was approaching the Queen, and the Bosmer King and his guards…!

“HAAAAAAAHH!!!” Silica leaped off of the stairs, and drove her daggers home into Naemon’s back. Then, a sickening lurching sound, and she began sliding down his back at an incredible rate.

Silica planted her feet against Naemon’s back to slow her descent, and then kicked off- backflipping with a grace she rarely showed and landing firmly on the staircase that Naemon had climbed.

“:WRRAAAGGHH!! WHO DARES!??!” Naemon turned around, roarring and glaring at her with his transformed eyes.

“This one,” Silica responded in kind, eyes narrowed, before she bolted up the stairs and towards the Orrery’s nearest entrance.

Naemon was trying to climb those way too small steps now, but managing it.

Silica focused on the Mantle- and she SPLIT- leaping across from the entrance in two directions, one of her landing on the bridge she’d first tried climbing, and the other landing on the other bridge that had thus far been ignored.

Naemon leaped after one of her- the one to his immediate left- and that Silica leaped into a motion of daggers and kicks.

The other Silica reached into her bag of holding (also duplicated) and pulled out a Destruction Staff of some kind or another as she sped down the stairs.

Mahou Shiori…!” With a chant of nonsense words that appeared in the back of her mind most likely from the Mantle itself, Silica drove the head of the Staff into the ground, “SYTH CAITO!” With a burst of fire from the head of the staff racing along the ground in both directions- it hit the two bubbles around the Rat and the Traveler, and those bubbles somehow froze over and then shattered.

Immediately, the Traveler summoned his Twilight and Clannfear, and they ran off to join the other Silica in battle- who had already split up yet again and the new clone had switched daggers for long swords– one of which was the sword “Snapjaw’s Tooth”, a sword that held a Clannfear’s fang in its core. The poor Prince was suffering trying to attack one, only to get blind sided by the other. So on and so forth repeatedly ad nauseum–

Mahou Silica felt a hand placed on her shoulder- it was the Rat.

“You okay there?” She asked, concerned.

“I’ll be fine,” Silica replied, even as the other two her were assisted by the Traveler and his summoned pets.

“HEY UGLY!” The Traveler shot off crystal shards- knocking the blubbery mass of Prince flat onto his flabby ass.

The two blade wielders leaped onto him in a synchronized flury of action- six rapid strikes from each one- Naemon roared- and tried to get up–

“NOT A CHANCE!” And the The Rat appeared over his head in a burst of teleportation magic and Slashed at his eyes with throwing knives.

Naemon roared yet again- and the three attackers on him leaped away as he rolled onto his stomach and climbed back to his feet….!

“SIPHON!” And then The Traveler and the Rat began draining Magicka from the Prince with their Restoration staffs- Mahou Silica chanted a series of words from the back of the Mantle’s mind and threw an explosion of fire and ice at the Prince at the same time the Twilight sent a shock of energy his way and the Clannfear charged at the Behemoth’s feet.

Prince Naemon tripped- and then as his face hit the dirt- Daggers Silica leaped at his neck from the side with a double swipe that dug the daggers in deep and refused to budge from the spot. Naemon threw himself up in a roar- Daggers Silica still holding on, the daggers twisting and causing fresh blood to pour out in droves- and left the front of his neck exposed.

Swords Silica came flying in from off of one of the stairs and dove both blades deep into the Princes neck, and then with a savage roar— The Rat slipped in, dove a series of blades into the prince’s gut– The Traveler let loose a bolt of Mage’s Fury, lightning striking from above– Mahou Silica fired off another explosion of ice fire– Swords Silica wrenched them out and split the Prince’s neck wide open, exposing his delicate innards and coincidentally freeing Daggers Silica up so that way she could—

“EAT CROSSBOW!!!” Out came that Silver Shard loaded Cross bow and BLAM! immediately followed up by Mahou throwing a giant flaming chain up into the exposed neck and—!

There was an explosion of magic- and Prince Naemon fell to the ground as a dead Altmer- no signs of battle at all marring his body, as it should have been.

The bubble spell collapsed- and the Orrery fell silent, save for Queen Ayrenn’s crying.

“Why? Naemon, why…?

“So,” Daraneth mused, looking at the three identical clones of her friend, “we find ourselves in quite the conundrum.”

“We really didn’t think it through,” Daggers said.

“Sorry,” Mahou bowed her head.

“So how do we fix this?” Swords asked.

“I’m not sure how to, in all honesty!” Daraneth said, completely astonished. “You split yourself up into three identical clones! Surely you must remember which of you was the original now?”

“I kept daggers all the way through!” Daggers said quickly, “Therefore, it should be me that’s the original.”

“And I was the one who didn’t split a second time,” Mahou retorted, “doesn’t that make me the original?”

“Ummm…By that logic,” Swords held her hand up, “I’m the youngest for sure, so maybe everyone could jump into me?”

“That seems reasonable,” Mahou nodded.

“But now the question is, HOW do we merge?” Swords asked.

“Ahhem,” The Traveler coughed, “if I might make a suggestion?”

The three Silica’s turned to glare at him in unison. “What?” they even spoke as one again.

“Maybe we use the Orrery to put the three of you together into one?” The Traveler offered, “There are three bridges, after all.”
“If we do that, however,” Daraneth objected, “I suggest we wait and use this to our advantage first. All three Silica’s should control the Orrery, and allow Queen Ayrenn a completely safe passage.”

“Yeah.” “Alright.” “Sounds like a plan to me!”

The Rat just stared on without saying a single thing the entire time.

And so Queen Ayrenn’s procession into the Orrery went off with out so much as a single misaligned hair.


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