At Personal Expense — ESO

Xros Posted from Entering Skyrim.

You are Silica the Knight and you are flat out broke.

Your large purchase, while worth it, has left you scavenging Greenshade for monsters, quests, and anything you can sell to make a quick coin. Naturally, a good portion of that coin is going straight into your food reserves, and the next portion is going into your gear upkeep.

Unfortunately for you, you think that you’re going to need to change your strategy of attack and change it quick.

Your dagger skills just aren’t cutting it any more- and your bow skills… hah. If you could call them ‘skills’ that would be a laugh alright.

You are quickly realizing that your gear is getting tattered and broken quicker than you can repair it. Every time you die and resurrect, you’re able to find less and less of the gear you were wearing before hand. Every dead body you drop and can’t loot results in you having to go back to loot them, often times while their friends are coming back around and trying to do the same thing- forcing you to kill them as well and ending up usually dead in the process.

You don’t dare ask for help- the Bosmer and his Breton girlfriend aren’t going to let you live this down if you ask them. No. You can’t ask.

And then your armor flat out breaks down on you- and you’re as good as naked in the middle of a dangerous ‘museum’ that the Worm Cultists have invaded.

You luck out and find a dress on one of the cultists that’s around your size. Evidently they were either attending a party before hand or were planning on going to one later, but not now. You put it on when you decide to leave, vowing to come back later to recover some artifacts you just couldn’t sneak past the cultists to find, and go to return to Marbruk.

Along the way, you encounter a set of Stranglers and some giant Lurcher calling itself Rootwater. You kill the beast, but get bounced around between the stranglers like they can’t decide who gets to eat you.

You teleport to Marbruk.

Almost immediately you see that damnable Traveler outside the wayshrine. Before he sees you, you let your hair down from its usual twin tails and hope that he doesn’t recognize you.

Somehow- you luck out and he goes off elsewhere. You quickly get to the crafting stations and give out a hefty portion of your recent earnings back into repairing your broken gear.

And then you get summoned to the Harborage.

Oh joy. Another jaunt into Coldharbour to rescue another of the wayward companions from the Torture of Molag Bal. More damage to your freshly repaired gear. What fun.

Your inner voice is surprisingly sarcastic.


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