Auction of Style – ESO

Xros Posted from Entering Skyrim. ALSO ON AO3!

Silica was wandering through Marbruk when a cry went out that a Live Auction was being held soon.

Her interest piqued, she waited in the plaza, and the crowd gathered and grew bigger the closer and closer the auction time drew near.

It was the first time Silica had ever been to an auction- be it at a house or outside such as this one- and she was excited just to see what one was like.

When the event began, the Auctioneer rattled off a price and it was quickly raised by everyone else. One strange item was even started with a price of only one gold and mere seconds later, sold for the price of 3500 gold.

Caught up in the flow of the Auction, Silica’s eyes caught sight of the next item- a Hide Jack of Magicka of decent quality. She threw out a price- small at first- and then threw out another, double of the first, when she was outbid.

“Going once, 400…!”

For a few seconds, Silica was concerned- what if she actually won?

“401!” a voice thankfully outbid her…

“Sold for 401!”

And Silica sighed in relief….Only to have her name called out when that other bidder never came up to claim the clothing item.

Four hundred coin down the friendly Khajiit Auctioneer’s pockets, Silica checked her purse, idly wondering how much she could actually spend at once. Almost Nine Thousand, just somewhat shy of it after that latest purchase.

And then came the Racial Motif Set- several books of designs and lore that would increase Silica’s crafting knowledge reservoir.

Silica wasn’t thinking at all when she threw out a high bid of two thousand. Nor was she thinking at all when someone else yelled out a higher price of Five….

And she called out “EIGHT THOUSAND!!”

Everyone stared at her in disbelief even as the Auctioneer sold her the set and called her up to claim the items.

At the local bar in Marbruk, Silica encountered a familiar face- that Bosmer who had also escaped Molag Bal’s clutches- seemingly nursing a headache or a hangover of some kind- his arms also seemed to be wrapped up in bandages covering what appeared to be wolf bites. Ouch! Even so, Silica felt the need to prove her wise purchase to the Bosmer! Maybe now he’d see she wasn’t too young to be out adventuring…!

“So you bought several racial motif books for eight thousand gold,” the Traveler summarized as he observed the girl in front of him, looking all the world as proud as she could be.

“Yeah? So?” Silica asked, “I may be out of coin for a little while but it was still a decent purchase!”

“You do realize that people leave those things around most bookshelves and cabinets, right?” The Traveler asked. “I found most of these just traveling or trading Argo for them. They’re not worth that much.”

Silica fumed, “So what!? Just because YOU don’t think they’re worth it doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it to me!”

“You bought the set without checking what ones you already owned, didn’t you?” The Traveler asked, taking a sip from his mug rather smugly.

“I- I TOTALLY DID NOT!” Silica yelled- practically breathing fire on the Wood Elf, her temper was so hot!



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