Fam Backstory

I’m going to be doing something different here. AO3’s version of this story is going to be merged with Adventures in Babysitting, while the Solo version of Fam’s story will be on FFN, with Babysitting also separate from it. The reason for that is simply because FFN’s cross-over tags are a bit too limited for this kind of anthology. The AO3 version will also contain snips that I won’t be posting to FFN due to the nature of their content. (Mainly that I’ve got some song-segment-only sections planned that I think don’t fly with FFN’s rules.) That said, I hope you’ll all enjoy what I’ve got set up for Fam’s backstory. Hints have been placed in Vamola! Kyoryuger, but not the whole story. Fam’s been a bit of an unreliable narrator as well, in some cases. Anyways, enough of my random ramblings. You guys wanna read it, right?

AO3 – Exiled Stories (4 chapters) Contains:

FFN – Thundering Wing (1 chapter)

FFN – Adventures in Babysitting (3 chapters)


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