Howl of the Wolf

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The Breton known to many loosely as <<The Rat>>, and to her few friends as <<Argo>>, suspected that she was destined by the Scrolls themselves to run into Wolves for the rest of her (un)Natural Life.

Awakening in her cell in Coldharbour, Argo had been unnerved by tripping over a wolf’s skull, and upon closer examination, a werewolf’s skull at that. And after escaping to Auridon, and further traveling to Khenarthi’s Roost to meet up with the Khajiit that had fished her out of the ocean and paid a Privateer to send her to the city, things had gone almost exceptionally well, excluding the fact that those Soul Shrivern robes itched like she had fleas and her only piece of armor smelled like wet dog (Quickly righted upon finding the nearest crafting station in Mistral, it was broken down with extreme prejudice for materials).

After a run in with many Maomer, and a drunken night at a bar in which she met a Bosmer who had escaped from Coldharbour as well, Argo returned to Auridon and went to work joining that rascally Razum-dar in the Queen’s Eyes. Molag Bal’s Dark Anchors had been built on ancient Mystical Wells of unknown origin (A fellow in the Fighters Guild implied that they were of Ayelid origin, however likely that was), and provided a much welcome distraction from the haunting spirit of the wolf that seemed to follow her around… Up until she ran into her first Wolf Pack.

The damned things had sniffed at her in confusion before attacking. What nonsense was this?! She’d seen them attack others on Auridon with no such hesitation at all! It drove Argo to near insanity, to the point that when she ran into that Bosmer again in Skywatch that they’d shared a drunken rant about Auridon’s native wildlife. (He seemed to be having quite a peculiar trouble with Imps wandering the landscape!) As it turned out, this strange Bosmer had been scouted by Raz as well, and the Khajiit was strangely amused when they both replied to his summons at the same time the next morning. (On that Isle of Deception, she began to see what the Bosmer meant about the Imps.)

After that, they went their separate ways for a time. Much time passed, and the Island was nearly cleared of troubles, Save for a man seeking the Rilis throne, and a helmet inside. Argo felt a nagging suspicion that something was awry as she continued through the dungeon with this Sorondil fellow… the hairs on the back of her neck rose in anticipation as he finally put on the helm…

And then she heard the man’s pained howl of transformation. The following fight had been harrowing, and she had actually died more than once (if there was anything to thank Molag Bal for, it was this strange ability to restore herself to life) before putting the man down. Her armor was broken, skin broken and bleeding freshly (although quickly healing), and…she felt hungry.

It was then that Argo was concerned that she might have been infected with the curse that was a Werewolf transformation.

That night she returned to Skywatch and ran into that traveling Bosmer again, at a bar of all places. As a mer of the Mages Guild, he offered to check for any signs of infection with a simple blood test. As it turned out, she hadn’t been infected. It was a relief, yes, but why did a part of her feel…disappointed somehow? That made no sense and she kept her thoughts to herself.

Grahtwood soon called, and Argo found the increase in temperatures blistering, to the point she’d once caught herself panting like a wolf after a fight. The port town of Haven resided near an ancient tree, that Bosmer had told her before her departure, and she’d gone to investigate. Brackenleaf- such a curious name for a tree, almost as if it were alive. The Briars soon provided her with a trial- a test to join their ranks. And come time to choose her Animal Spirit… She’d said Wolf before she even realized what it was she’d done.

It was then that that Pirates attacked Haven, and Argo ran into another Breton in town during the fight to free the town. Curious girl, that one- very inquisitive about everything there was in Grahtwood. After the town was free, Argo sent the girl up to see Brackenleaf, insisting that it was not a thing to miss.

Traveling through the jungle, Argo decided that she liked wolves better than the massive insects that roamed the jungle. Alas, there were none in Grahtwood.

There was a woman who was searching for her husband, a wayward minstrel… After a long and tiring trek trying to find him in Southpoint, Argo finally caught a lead. A small cabin north of the Grey Mire.

She ran into Werewolves along the path- five of them.


Argo wasn’t sure how she survived that encounter at all, let alone the fact that she had been bitten and clawed and punched and her armor showed every piece of damage.

The Bosmer was in Haven- and asked what had hit her the moment she stepped out of the Wayshrine. She took enjoyment as his face paled at the description “Five Werewolves.”

Yet again, he performed a blood test, and yet again, Argo was clean of infection.

“At this point,” She said with a huff as he accompanied her to the forge to repair her armor, “I’m pretty much tempting fate.”

She didn’t doubt that it wouldn’t happen sooner or later, it was only a question of when.


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