Claw of the Tiger

Xros-Posted from Entering Skyrim!

If you’re coming here from Starfest, then Welcome to A-Xros Time and Space. 🙂

Your name is SILICA, but you introduce yourself as a KNIGHT of HURRICANE BLADES.

You grew up on Khenarthii’s Roost after a Hurricane destroyed the boat that you and your parents were traveling on. A pair of friendly Khajiit took you in and raised you as their own cub. From them you learned the ways of the Temple of Two Moons- how to act quickly, efficiently, and ruthlessly. Revenge was a dish best served with cold indifference. You were just a cub to those around you, however. No matter how skilled you became in using twin daggers, twin swords, twin axes, twin whatever (Even your hair is done up in twin tails), they still saw you as a Cub. Your Parents, and you still thought of them as that even though they didn’t want to take the place your birth parents, kept you swaddled away from the true dangers of the world. That is until a hurricane blew through.

You were out on the shores looking for your pet Scuttler when a man who smelled like worms grabbed you from behind, and dragged you to some alter. Before you knew it, your soul had been stolen by a High Elf who dug his dagger into your heart, and you were awakening in a cell in Coldharbour. You immediately put your training to good use. You joined the massive prison break, and followed a group that was being lead by an old man they called The Prophet, who one of your fellow prisoners had freed.

When you entered the vortex leading back to Tamriel, all you thought of was to return home. You Did.

You splashed down in the midst of another hurricane (Or was it the same one?) and swam to shore as your parents had taught you. Or at least, you would have had a swarm of Slaughterfish not decided to make you their lunch. For a few precious moments, your body was chewed up by the fish, and lost to the churning waves…

And yet when you awoke, you were alive and well at the wayshrine next to the Temple of the Two Moons. You didn’t understand that death no longer meant anything to you until you realized that the storm had long since passed. You hurried home, only to find your house in Mistral abandoned, and your pet Scuttler crying in the corner, looking like he hadn’t been fed in days. You searched the island for your parents, only to learn from one of your teachers at the Temple that they had vanished in the hurricane much like you had.

Assuming the worst, you buried two small boxes in mourning, and set about putting their final affairs in order, hoping desperately that they would return. Another hurricane started to brew in the horizon and was squashed before it hit shore. But that was not the end of it. The Silvernar had been murdered, and when you stumbled into your house one afternoon, you interrupted a Maomer mage who had thought your house abandoned, and had used it as a staging ground for their next ritual. Your daggers broke the Focus, and then her heart in quick succession.

It was then that a Bosmer mage with a summoned Scamp burst through the doors, moments too late to stop the ritual, but just in time to hear the Maomer pin the blame on the Mer who had ordered her to do it. What came next was a flurry of action- the Maomer attacking Mistral, and a group of warriors going to fight them off.

You tracked down the Bosmer shortly after the Maomer had been beaten off, and you insisted that he take you off the island– Recompense for the Maomer using your house to start it all. He laughed and said that he couldn’t do that. And why not, you asked. A matter of principle, he said. He thought you were too young to leave the island!

Too young? You had your soul stolen, and escaped hell itself only to find your parents missing-presumed-dead. There was nothing in the world that could scar you now.

And so you followed him- stealthily. You hid in a crate that followed him on a boat to Auridon. You would show him! Once you hit Auridon, though, you lost track of him and set out on your own. And where he evidently joined the Mages Guild, you found a group called the Undaunted. You traveled the island, helping out where you could, putting your blades to use and coin in your pockets. Death meant nothing to you- but that didn’t mean you enjoyed it happening. You forced yourself to improve, to get stronger.

By the time you made it to Haven- already under siege by Pirates- you could take almost every blow thrown at you and deliver twice as much in return. A Breton like you directed you to a tree called Brackenleaf, and it was there you chose the Tiger as your sign. Attacking with such a ferocious force that none could reckon with you- you were a Tiger whose claws could not be stopped. A hurricane of blades that fell upon your enemies and delivered them to Sithis… That is, if they weren’t like you.

In Southpoint, you had to fight a bear who was a Marine transformed by the Madness of Sheogorath himself. Your companion wasn’t so helpful in that regard. Just standing there, sending the occasional heal. You blocked the bears attacks, only dishing them out in an attempt to stun- not that it mattered much, the bear was regenerating much too quickly to be killed by your blades. “Any time now!” you called out. But she did nothing.

So you ran, and the Bear followed.

Others joined you in your fight to subdue the transformed Marine, but it was never enough. The bear took some down- and you watched as they transformed with a brilliant light, restoring themselves to life much like you could.

Finally- your companion cast her spell, and the bear returned to normal. You then charged the Mayor of this mad town and confronted him, only to find out that your companion had been possessed by Sheogorath. ‘Well that explains a few things’, you thought glumly. Of course, the Mad God was not amused with the Mayor, and so set you up in an attempt to make him shine.

You took on every single trap of Sheogorath’s without dying once, even though you very nearly came close to it. You set your mouth into a line, and delivered blow after blow after blow to every enemy he laid before you. Even the Mayor’s forcing you to Kneel with magic did not save him, in the end.

You are a tiger- after all. Your claws always kill your prey no matter what tricks they throw at you.


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