Bow of the Snake

Xros Posted from Entering Skyrim! If you’re here from Starfest, Welcome to the site! 🙂

I am the Traveler, and I always hated the taste of that damned frog.

Awakening in Coldharbour, I could taste it again, like it was trying to climb up out of my throat. Urgh.

As a Sorcerer, I travel the world seeking new experiences and encounters. This was not a welcome one, not at all. My soul? Stolen. My magicka levels? Weakened severely. I could barely summon a scamp, let alone my favored Winged Twilight. Over the weeks to follow my escape from Molag Bal’s realm, I found that I was slowly regaining my powers back, ever so slowly. Repeating the training of several years over the course of a few weeks was not something I enjoyed, but it was something to suffer through.

I am the Snake- I slither in the shadows from place to place, striking with single blows to down my foes.

Escaping to Nirn once more, I pierced the water with a single movement- finding myself at Khenarthii’s Roost upon emerging from the waves. A Khajiit named Razum-dar fished me out, and had I not maintained consciousness during my fall unlike several others, I would have been shipped out to Auridon. Not an unpleasant place, but I had been there before in the past. This place at least, was new. Despite that, I felt an odd sense of familiarity with the place, almost like I had been here before. But that was impossible, wasn’t it?

Soon after that, I encountered a Breton girl at a bar, singing drunkenly. She was familiar to me in a way that made more sense than this Island; I had met her briefly in the escape attempt from Coldharbour. I broached the subject with her and she introduced herself as “The Rat”, in return, I simply called myself “The Traveler.” Over the weeks to follow, I would cross paths with her several times- usually at a bar, and in a concerning amount of times, I found myself performing Werewolf Infection tests on her.

But, my continual encounters with Imps were most likely the same as her insistent encounters with Wolves. Funny, I thought with amusement, if I was the Snake, then she was a Wolf. Brackenleaf’s Briars would place me as Predator, and her as Prey. So I hinted to her that if she ever found herself in Grahtwood, that she should visit Brackenleaf and see what he had to say. In retrospect, I wasn’t expecting her to actually go through with it and choose the Wolf as her Animal. As for that other Breton that had followed me from Khenarthii, I supposed she was a Tiger- my Predator. It would be amusing if she ever found herself at Brackenleaf and chose that sign as well. …Of course now that I write this, it’s only inevitable that she’ll find her way there.

As a member of the Mages Guild, I continually find myself seeking out Books scattered across the world. However, one recent one caught my attention with regards to the ecto-plasmic shell it described within. Eerily similar to the resurrection effect I and others that have had our souls stolen experience. During my latest encounter with The Rat, I informed her of this discovery, and she seemed quite taken with the revelation as well, enough to take her mind off of her latest brush with being a Werewolf.

A certain set of books, however, has lead me to continually encounter Sheogorath’s maddening ‘trials’, including a Clannfear named “Gutstripper.” It surprised me to find out that that Breton that had followed me had ended Sheogorath’s plot in Southpoint. A Tiger indeed. I do wonder how the old Mad God would have reacted if I had been the one there instead of her? As it stands now, however, the Queen’s request for me to head to Elden Root stands, and my dear Rat of a companion has agreed to accompany me for a change.

I do hope we don’t run into any Werewolf-Imp Hybrids. That would just be uncanny!


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