With Regards to Fam Fan Fan

I recently received a review on Vamola Kyoryuger regarding Fam’s sexuality.


You butcher this series! Change it to FamxInaba and no more lesbians!

It gave me dirty thought and i was going to yell at you! Change this chapter now!

My Response is as follows:

I’m sorry you don’t like that Fam is Lesbian, but it’s not something I’m going to change. That was the whole point of this chapter: Fam is Fam. Her sexuality doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of the overall story, and it doesn’t affect things beyond your perception of the character. Does she act any differently from before after this? No. She’s been written consistently with this plot point in mind, as I was writing Fam’s presence in this story based off of the source universe that she comes from, which only diverges off of baseline from one certain moment, when we go in to explore her back story.

So changing this would be something that goes counter to my emotions of trying to stick to that character, something I do try to do but not always succeed. Also, with regards to ease of changing the chapter, doing such would be very hard to do at this point.

I knew some people would feel put off, and I’ve been prepared for that all along. But I’ll be honest, yours is the first vocal review I’ve gotten that’s reacted negatively to this episode. So for that, Thanks, I suppose? This probably won’t make any sense to you but I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop and it’s a welcome relief to have it finally happen.

As before with XWAU02, whether you continue to read or not is up to you. I do wish you would continue to do such, but I won’t be upset if you don’t.

Thanks for reading this far,




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