Lucky Numbers 42



It was going to be a pleasant day, Hakase thought, when she woke up to the sound of construction workers outside.

“Nanooo?” Hakase called out tiredly as she rubbed at her eyes. “What’s going on…?”

“Remember when they painted the street a couple days ago?” Nano asked in return as Hakase walked over to the open doors overlooking the street that was being worked on. “Well, they’re diging there now.”

“Really?” Hakase asked. “Why now?”

“Dunno,” Nano shrugged.

It was early on a Friday morning? When else would be a better time?

And so for a long while, Hakase just sat there, staring out onto the street where the workers (She counted! There were EIGHT of them!) traded off digging, sucking away something or other from the holes with a giant vacuum tube, FILMING it all with BIG HUGE CAMERAS, and there was even this cute little drone-helicopter toy they were flying around too!

Eventually, Nano went out to ask what was going on.

It turned out that this was just a Site Safe crew that made sure the Construction Sites were…well… Safe for the next crew to come in!

Then they started digging a second hole.

It was between that hole’s end and the start of the third that Nano went off to school, leaving Hakase there to watch the workers work.

Then things went silent. Hakase watched as four of the workers gathered around one hole and the truck that had been powering their machines went silent.

Done already?

She watched them all talk, silently in the distance. She couldn’t hear them, but it seemed like they had their own language.

Hand gestures were made, instruments were checked…

It was like some kind of Construction-Worker-Coded-Language!

Hakase tried to figure out what was going on… But she knew so little of this.

Now one man showed up carrying a stick with something attached to the end, and another with some kind of sensor gun?

Both went into the hole.

She counted all eight of them gathered at the hole now.

What was going on?

They all stood silently, not moving as they waited for the results of whatever it was they were doing.

In the past, Hakase had always watched this type people work with fascination. The time they’d paved over the broken street had been interesting, and then there was the time people had put up a new wooden fence in the house bordering the Laboratory’s back side.

This was something new! They were doing something to the Gas and Sewer lines, or so Nano had said… It was all to get things exposed so that the next crew wouldn’t damage things.

She supposed that’s what the camera was for, now suspiciously absent.

One man was lifting up a tablet computer, looking at the screen and tilting it so that he could see what was on it in the morning sunlight.

Hey! She learned a body gesture! Cool!

They were connecting a tube to the stick from before now… WOAH! Water! It was shooting water now!

Now it went back into the hole- were they washing something away?

It came out… All eight of them stood, yellow and orange jacketed, around the hole.

The woman of the group- maybe their supervisor?- seemed to listen to what they were saying as they talked, and offered her own input as well. But it was so hard to tell with their backs turned and the truck- Even more silent than before? Had it just been on standby or something?

Now they were putting the large suction tube back into the truck… Just like they had when they prepared to move everything to a new hole!

Were they going to dig a fourth one? Or was their work here done?

The water hose was retracted into the truck… And the vests were coming off! Most of the workers walked up the street and out of sight, and Hakase lost track of them…

They were done here, it seemed.

OR not? One came back with some normal looking vacuum cleaner…and a giant broom! Clean up work, now.

Hakase continued to watch them work, small as it was. Boy, would she have a story to tell Nano when she got home!

I always used to watch construction workers when they were doing work on our street. It was counted as schooling for me, partially, but I didn’t really care about it. There’s just something fascinating with watching construction workers work.


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