“Worn Down.”


Mio found herself sighing as she massaged her wrists after finishing up her work on her present page for the night.

‘Amost done,’ she sighed. Just a bit more of black spotting and that small panel on the bottom of the page… But even so, her wrists hurt from the all-day session she’d put herself through, let alone some of the other things that had happened before that…

Like nearly getting run over by someone speeding through two red lights on her way to the local mart to get some fresh milk. That single event had been a shock to Mio’s poor little heart, and everything from the rest of the day just… just felt tiring.

She could have been seriously hurt by that driver’s recklessness- killed even, if the driver had been going fast enough… It brought a sense of mortality that she hadn’t felt before. While the all-day Inking Session had been a decent distraction from all of that… There was still that nagging feeling of being worn down to a really tired state.

Mio wanted to draw something new, something interesting… but all she’d managed to do beyond the inking had been some warm up sketches. Decent, she supposed, but not good enough to her usual quality. She definitely felt like she should re-work it later. The scale was all out of whack…

Mio grimaced slightly as the pain in her wrists flared up slightly, and she went back to the elbow massaging technique Ren-kun had taught her. ‘Left right…up down…’ It felt like a dream- that nearly devastating experience.

With a sigh, and a tug at her shirt collar, Mio grumbled, “Stupid weather…” It was way too warm for this late at night, definitely too warm… But that was the problem with an ever changing weather pattern.

Mio went to get a drink of water from the kitchen, and as she did such, she decided. “I’m going to go to bed early.” Or that was the plan, at least…

The next thing Mio knew, half an hour had passed and she was lying in bed, unable to sleep, reading a book… Such was life.


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