PH88c1 - back txt (3)

“I always like to bring a little irony to a fire fight.”



A-Xros Space and Time Stories — AKA- THIS SITE! Notes and such on my stories. I might even put up Original content here once in a while.

MYSTRYAL NOVELS — Home to the Mystryal Series.

Archive Of Our Own — Some more Mature stuff might end up here that doesn’t get uploaded to FF.Net. This and FF.N will be Xr0s-Synched.

FANFICTION.NET — Where I originally started uploading fanfiction! Other than the stuff I think is a bit too much, this and AO3 will be Xr0s-Synched.

Entering Skyrim —  Journals and a Video Series about Skyrim primarily, but also some ESO stuff too!

Calum The Traveler — My Tumblr.

YouTube — Where the first two Disks of Dovah’s Mind videos are uploaded, hence the channel name. I used to put other stuff up there once in a while as well. Currently inactive.

Q. What IS Phantom Hopper?

A. Phantom Hopper Productions is the brand name I’ve decided to start putting all of my stuff under. Here’s my Card.

Q. The Grasshopper car is cute! ❤

A. That’s Miles! If you’ve read the one Lucky Numbers snip, you know the one, then you’ll know where my inspiration for him comes from. Also, the name as a pun… get it?

Q. We’re not going to have to start paying for anything, are we?

A. No. Not for my fanfiction. Even my original stuff (slooowly getting there) will be online free to read. If I decide to legitimately publish something, however, it’ll be under that brand. (MystryalMystryalMystryal)

Q. So, what’s the point of all of this?

A. It’s me trying to become PROFESSIONAL.

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